Nintendo: A museum is planned to open in Japan

Nintendo: A museum is planned to open in Japan


Nintendo has</a> announced that planning has begun for its own museum. An old production building of the company is to serve as the location of the "Nintendo Gallery".

As early as 1969, the Uji Ogura Plant was opened near Kyoto. Not only were consoles from customers repaired here, the production of Hanafuda playing cards was also carried out in this building. In 2016, however, it was shut down and Nintendo has been looking for a solution to how things go with the Uji Ogura Plant ever since. Because the city of Uji wants to renew the surrounding area, the creative minds of Nintendo have now decided to convert the production facility into a tourist attraction.

In the Nintendo Gallery, the company's products are to be presented Have been published for decades. But other experiences and exhibitions are also planned. Those responsible have not yet revealed too many details. The construction work should be completed before March 2024.

Just this year, a tourist attraction was opened with the Super Nintendo World in the Universal Studios in Tokyo. In the themed world, visitors can visit numerous locations from the Mario universe. Before the opening, Shigeru Miyamoto gave a video tour of Super Nintendo World and presented various highlights from the themed world. Super Nintendo World will also open in the future in Universal Studios in Hollywood, California, Orlando, Florida and Singapore.

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Nintendo announces its E3 plans, including a 40-minute Direct

Nintendo has finally revealed its E3 2021 plans. The company’s strategy this year is largely the same as it has been in previous years, with a main Direct presentation and a Treehouse stream featuring demos afterward.

While this year’s E3 is different than previous installments thanks to the move to all-digital, not much is changing for Nintendo. The company has long ditched physical presentations in favor of digital showcases, so it’s right at home with the format change.

Nintendo will make its E3 appearance on the final day of the show: Tuesday, June 15. It’ll air a Nintendo Direct at 9 a.m. PT on that day, which will run for 40 minutes. The company says that the video will mostly focus exclusively on software, most of which is launching in 2021. That kills any hopes that the rumored Switch Pro will be at the show this year.

🗓 Nintendo at #E32021: 6/15, 9am PT!

Tune in for a #NintendoDirect with roughly 40 minutes of info focused exclusively on #NintendoSwitch software, mostly releasing in 2021, followed by around 3 hours of gameplay in #NintendoTreehouseLive | E3 2021.

&amp;mdash; Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) June 2, 2021

Following the Direct, Nintendo will air a live Treehouse presentation featuring demos and deep dives into specific games. The presentation will run for roughly three hours following the Direct.

It’s a somewhat sparse showing for Nintendo. The company usually has a full presence at E3 with Treehouse streams throughout the expo. This is a much shorter content plan by comparison.

Details on E3 2021 are still shockingly sparse considering the digital expo is just over one week away. While Microsoft has confirmed its conference timing, we still don’t have an idea of the full schedule, which is unusual for the event.

E3 2021 begins on Saturday, June 12, and will run until Tuesday, June 15. Fans can register for the event, which will take place through a digital app.

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