Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Coming to Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Coming to Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Come

A fantastically designed, believable game world, varied quests with different solutions, extensive, a beautiful orchestral soundtrack - these are just some of the positive aspects that we highlighted in our extensive test of Kingdom Come: Deliverance almost three and a half years ago. The open-world role-playing game is now also available for the Nintendo Switch, as the developer studio behind it Warhorse Studios from Prague announced on Twitter.

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Port of specialists

The port for Nintendo's successful hybrid console is handled by the specialists at Saber Interactive. The US developer has already ported some big titles to the Switch, for example The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is technically impressive and implemented on the comparatively weak hardware. In our test, we were impressed by the quality of the popular role-playing game on the Switch

When is the release?

When Kingdom Come: Deliverance (buy now € 34.99 / € 14.99) will be released for the Nintendo Switch is currently still open. A Warhorse Studios PR manager said on Twitter that it is too early to make such statements, as the collaboration with Saber Interactive for porting the Nintendo console has only recently begun.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Switch version apparently leaked

A Switch version of Kingdom Come Deliverance has appeared on a release list on the Japanese Nintendo homepage. PC NSW PS4 XBO 0

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Medieval RPG is to be made into a film

It looks like we will see either a series or a film about the medieval RPG Kingdom Come in the future. PC NSW PS4 XBO 0

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Role-playing game for free on the weekend

This weekend you have the opportunity to try out the role-playing game Kingdom Come Deliverance without obligation. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1373710,1364467,1359630,1352354';

Case for Switch Pro?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a technically demanding game that already pushed the hardware to the limit on Playstation 4 and Xbox One and therefore did not run as well on it as on a decent gaming PC. Since the switch has less power than the last-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the port will probably have to make some compromises graphically and technically. A Switch Pro with more power than the current standard model, which has been suspected for a long time, could provide some relief - but has not yet been officially announced by Nintendo.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Galloping Onto Nintendo Switch In 2021

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is about to go medieval on the Nintendo Switch, as developer Warhorse Studios and Prime Matter--the new publishing arm of Koch Media--have confirmed a port of the medieval fantasy RPG for Nintendo's home console.

Saber Interactive--which is also working on Evil Dead: The Game among other projects--will be bringing the game to Switch in partnership with Warhorse Studios. No specific date has been set for the port's release, but the game is scheduled for release sometime in 2021.

The announcement was made as part of Koch Media's reveal of Prime Matter, a brand-new publishing wing joining Deep Silver and THQ Nordic under the Koch umbrella. The unveiling of Prime Matter also came with ten brand new game reveals, including Payday 3, a new real-time strategy game in Smilegate's Crossfire franchise, and a new game in the Painkiller franchise.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval combat RPG that launched in February 2018. It's set in the year 1403 and follows the story of Henry, the son of a blacksmith who is thrust into a war for the land of Bohemia after his parents are killed in a siege. The game and its DLC is also available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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