God of War & Gran Turismo 7: Sony gives release update - not only for PS5

God of War & Gran Turismo 7: Sony gives release update - not only for PS5

God of War & Gran Turismo 7

Unlike initially announced, Gran Turismo 7 and the next God of War will not appear exclusively for PlayStation 5. As the PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst announced in a recent entry on the PlayStation blog, the new titles are also planned for PS4. "Wherever it makes sense to develop a game for both PS4 and PS5</a> - such as Horizon Forbidden West, the next God of War or Gran Turismo 7 - we will continue to consider it," explains Hulst. You can't first build a community with more than 110 million PS4 players and then just run away.

"I think that would be bad news for PS4 fans and not a great deal," added the manager. If PS4 owners want to play the game, they should be able to do so too. "And if you want to play the PS5 version, the game will also be available there," continues Hulst. He did not give specific details about the new games.

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An employee of the Santa Monica Studios has indicated that Atreus could possibly be playable in the new God of War Ragnarök. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1373246,1372999,1372794,1372526'; However, he confirmed that God of War will no longer appear this year. It was finally decided to postpone the new action adventure until next year so that Santa Monica Studio could deliver an "outstanding God of War". The release date of Gran Turismo 7 was postponed to 2022 in February. Horizon Forbidden West, on the other hand, is still announced for 2021. More details will follow shortly.

God Of War 2’s PS4 Presence And 2022 Delay Are No Surprise

God of War


Sony made some news this week when they dropped a few announcements into a Q and A session that were rather big developments. There were two bits about God of War 2, the fact that it has been delayed from its original launch window of 2021 into 2022. And the fact that it was going to be coming to PS4 as well as PS5.

The delay is…I mean, come on. Did anyone seriously believe that God of War 2 was going to arrive in 2021? Even the day that was announced it seemed impossibly soon, and this entire time I don’t think any reasonable observer has believed that the game would be released this year. And no one cares about the delay because consumers have adapted to accept these as standard, and everyone wants finished games, not broken ones. The only people who really care about delays are investors and executives, and that’s how you get Anthem and Cyberpunk.

As for the fact that God of War 2 is not a PS5 only game, and is also releasing on PS4, well, that’s a bit more controversial.

Sony set themselves up for some mockery when they declared they “believe in generations” at the advent of this console generation, a signal that unlike Xbox, they would be making games only for the PS5 when it launched for the most part. That has not panned out, and nearly all its biggest games eventually announced they were also coming to PS4. Miles Morales, then Horizon Forbidden West and now God of War 2.

God of War


While I understand some level of frustration from PS5 owners who want new games to be “free” of old generations so they can achieve max power and performance and features, it’s also easy to understand why this is happening.

Many games are developed with both generations in mind around this time window. And sometimes “exclusive” ones simply cut the last gen version that was being developed alongside it. But in this case, games like Horizon and God of War have opted to keep that version in play.

The reason is obvious. There are 115 million PS4s in the wild, it’s one of the most successful consoles in history. And while the PS5 is selling extremely well, there are obviously massive shortages that cannot keep up in demand which will span this entire year, and likely continue into next. So when you’re Sony, and you look at releasing a game for 10 million PS5s but not 115 million PS4s, you are obviously going to want a last gen version.

Sometimes, this is impossible. A game like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart literally cannot function on a PS4 with some of the tech it employs. But I also don’t think that this is a sentence of doom for any game coming to both consoles. The PS5 version will obviously be the best and it’s likely the PS4 versions will struggle to keep up. But for the games that can manage it, at this point in the PS4/PS5 lifecycle, it simply does not make sense to leave 115 million consoles behind for releases this large.

Sony should not have uttered that “we believe in generations” line because now they look dumb for doing so. But they’re certainly not dumb for releasing PS4 versions of Horizon and God of War, given where we are with current console sales and availability.

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