Fuori Tutto AK: lots of discounts on accessories and gaming peripherals

Fuori Tutto AK: lots of discounts on accessories and gaming peripherals

Fuori Tutto AK

Editor's note: we have updated the aforementioned article to 10/06/2021 with the inclusion of new offers and the updating of the pre-existing ones.

While on the Lenovo Store the offers dedicated to the best notebooks of the line are going crazy Lenovo Trinkpad and Thinkbook, on AK Informatica the excellent promotions concerning gaming accessories and peripherals continue, with extraordinary offers to improve your gaming station.

AK Informatica, as known, is one of the main e-commerce stores where to buy all the IT solutions. In this promotion we also find a selection of gaming desks and chairs, including the excellent Gamdias Gaming Desk Daedalus M1. It is a table, available now for 169.90 euros instead of 199.00 euros, equipped with a waterproof mouse pad, a design to facilitate the so-called cable-management (thanks to the presence of supports for multiple sockets) and a structure customizable in height.

With a frame made entirely of aluminum, this desk, the Daedalus M1, includes RGB lights. The dimensions of this product are 150cm in length, 66cm in width and 76.5cm in height, at its maximum extension. The manufacturer also guarantees that the table in question holds up to 100 kg of weight, therefore ideal for positioning your gaming PC with all the peripherals.

Having said that, we remind you that on AK Shop you will find numerous other gaming accessories at discounted prices, which is why we suggest you visit the page dedicated to offers. Finally, we remind you to continue to follow us in view of the discounts on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day 2021, and to subscribe to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers relating to Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing & Sports and Chinese products. If you are interested in discovering the best coupons of the moment, instead, we recommend that you take a look at our special page. Finally, without further ado, we wish you a good shopping!

Our product selection

Gamdias Gaming Desk Daedalus M1 | 169,90 € (199,00 €) Cougar Control-S Gaming Pad - Small | 4,90 € (7,90 €) Speed-2L Gaming Pad - Large | € 6.90 (€ 14.90) MSI Shield Gaming Pad - Small | € 6.90 (€ 12.90) Cougar Gaming Fan from 140 | € 6.90 (€ 13.90) MSI Clutch GM10 Gaming Mouse | 14,90 € (26,90 €) Logitech G640 Gaming Pad - Large | 19,90 € (36,90 €) Omen Gaming Pad by HP Outpost | € 69.90 (€ 92.90) MSI Clutch GM50 Gaming Mouse | 29,90 € (47,90 €) Acer Combo 100 - AKR900 Keyboard + AMR920 Mouse | 19,90 € (39,90 €) Gaming Mouse MSI Clutch GM40 | € 14.90 (€ 30.90) Logitech C270 webcam - 720p / 30 FPS, USB | 29,90 € (36,90 €) Cougar Attack X3 Gaming Keyboard - Brown Switch | 69,90 € (110,90 €) Playseat Active Puma gaming chair | 189,00 € (212,90 €)

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