Final Fantasy 3 and 4 could be the next 3D remakes

Final Fantasy 3 and 4 could be the next 3D remakes

For several years now we have seen how the "fashion" of remakes has taken hold more and more. This is absolutely not a bad thing, indeed it is nice to see old titles remastered or re-proposed in a decidedly more modern way, then it is certainly very useful for making new generations discover games that could get lost over time and give way to preserve a kind of "memory. historical videogame ". Although what most impressed was the remake of Final Fantasy 7, probably the most loved and acclaimed chapter by the public, in 2006 Square Enix proposed for Nintendo DS two remakes of Final Fantasy 3 and Final Fantasy 4, giving it a splendid new version in 3D.

Going back for a moment in the now distant 1997, Final Fantasy 7 was the first chapter of the series made in 3D with the use of pre-rendered backgrounds that gave a glance to the truly amazing times. A dark story, impeccably characterized protagonists, revisited gameplay but that embraced the old episodes. The seventh chapter had all the credentials to enter the hearts of all owners of a PS1. It must be said that despite the success, many boys born in the 90s were unable to play with it, especially due to a lack of localization in Italian. This is also one of the reasons why remasters, remakes or simple re-releases can contribute in a very positive way, having a localization in the language helps a lot the fruition especially if we are dealing with a role-playing game.

It therefore seems very unique and interesting that in view of the Summer Game Festival, and E3 (which you can follow on our pages with a wide coverage of all the events) the wording of the two games in the series has been changed of Final Fantasy present on the mobile stores. The third and fourth installments had, as previously mentioned, two remakes for the Nintendo DS, which brought two of the key chapters of Square's videogame history into the hands of both of us. Western distributions of Square Soft's final fantasies had very turbulent releases as well as the Dragon Quest series, just remember that many of these did not come out of Japan. In short, the remakes were great ways to be able to (re) discover them. After having therefore ascertained the intention of Square Enix to even re-propose the third Dragon Quest, it would not be surprising that even some old Final Fantasy can take the same path.

Probably, indeed certainly, the two famous 3D remakes present in the mobile stores are the simple revival of the games released for Nintendo DS and this is a normal name change to make the search easier, but it would be very interesting that this could open the door to other remakes, perhaps in a 2D-3D key using the technique of Octopath Traveler to review the fifth and sixth Final Fantasy. These two absolutely need to be re-proposed since they have very interesting elements that could thrill today as throngs of gamers around the world thrilled yesterday. In short, to date there is nothing official about it but the name change of Final Fantasy 3 and 4 certainly makes us think of something big for the future.

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