E3 2021: Where was GTA 6 and when will it finally be announced?

E3 2021: Where was GTA 6 and when will it finally be announced?

E3 2021

In the past few weeks, there has been repeated speculation, especially at Reddit.com, about a possible announcement of GTA 6 at this year's E3. Even if there was no solid evidence for this, it logically led to a certain expectation among some fans. But this was disappointed, because GTA6 has not yet been seen at the digital fair - and that will probably not change on the last day.

This is how the well-known producer recently contacted us; Presenter and industry insider Geoff Keighley spoke. According to him, Take-Two Interactive has no plans to announce or present any new games for E3 2021. So there will be neither the new Bioshock nor GTA 6 (buy now 19.90 €) to see. That seems to be true, because the last day of the digital fair has now dawned and Take-Two Interactive has actually held back so far. It would be very unusual to hold back a blockbuster like GTA6 until the last moment. Therefore, the speculations surrounding an E3 presentation have proven to be false - like so many other rumors before.

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When will GTA 6 finally be seen?

For many fans, the question inevitably arises as to how long they will have to wait until GTA 6 is finally seen for the first time - or at least an official announcement. Neither Take-Two nor the development studio Rockstar Games have commented on this yet. However, it can be assumed that they will choose a big stage for the announcement. This could be done, for example, as part of a separate event or in an already established format. A possible candidate could therefore be The Game Awards 2021, which will take place towards the end of this year.

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How to watch Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct showcase

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Nintendo’s Direct presentation is one of the last big happenings of E3 2021. It’s a 40-minute show that Nintendo says is focused exclusively on Switch games (and not new hardware, for everyone hoping for Switch Pro news). So, what will we see? It’s possible that the unnamed sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will make an appearance, as well as Splatoon 3. Maybe Metroid Prime 4 will see its debut after being announced all the way back in 2017, then — in an unprecedented move — having its development restarted in early 2019. Knowing it’s Nintendo, there will likely be several unexpected announcements.

When does Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct begin?

This presentation will begin streaming on Tuesday, June 15th at 12PM ET / 9AM PT. Nintendo will have the spotlight, as Microsoft’s event happened Sunday, and Sony didn’t host its own dedicated E3 showing.

Where can I watch the Nintendo Direct?

You’ll be able to watch the show on Nintendo’s YouTube page, as well as on Twitch.

After the show wraps up, you can stay on either stream to watch three hours of Nintendo Treehouse Live, where the staff will demo some of the games announced during the Direct.