Cleep Pro, a wearable 4K camera

Cleep Pro, a wearable 4K camera

Cleep Pro

Browsing the internet, especially on the most well-known crowfounding sites, we increasingly come across very, very interesting and ambitious projects. One of these is certainly the one proposed by the company Cleep Wearable, a young Italian startup active in the field of research and development of hardware and IoT devices, which has thought of a wearable, ultra-light 4K camera with latest generation technologies. Specifically, the project is present on the Indiegogo website.

The basic idea is actually very simple, but also very interesting: it is, as we said, an ultralight camera and the size of an egg that can be attached to any object such as caps, supports, drones, straps and anything else you can think of.

Aesthetically, the product is very simple, with an aluminum chassis with a cylindrical shape and color satin gray; the lens is placed on one end while in the other, unscrewing the cap, we find the USB Type-C input (for recharging) and the SD card slot, as well as an LED and the RESET button.

Speaking of technical specifications, inside the small body we find a 12 MPx sensor whose exact dimensions are not known at the moment, but which we hypothesize may be comparable to those mounted on smartphones. As for the lens, however, it has a viewing angle of 150 ° while we do not know what the aperture is. There is also an internal microphone with noise-canceling functions and the battery, according to the startup, guarantees an autonomy of 60 minutes. Finally, there are both WiFi connectivity and waterproofing with IP65 certification, while there is no integrated storage memory.

On the software side, we find the possibility of taking photos up to 20 MPx (or even 16 MPx, 14 MPx, 10 MPx or 8 MPx) and shooting videos up to 4K at 30fps (or even 2.7K at 60fps , 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps, 1080p at 60fps and 1080p at 30fps). For videos there are also 6-axis digital image stabilization (EIS) called "Cleep EIS" and some extra features such as the ability to capture TimeLapse and SlowMotion videos. to the crowfounding site, where there is also a comparison with the more famous Insta360 Go 2. If you are interested, by accessing this link you can get free shipping.