Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: how to unlock the Nail Gun

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: how to unlock the Nail Gun

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4

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For several hours now, Call of Duty Warzone fans have been enjoying Season 4 which enshrines some drastic changes. One above all obviously the insertion of the red doors, initially appeared in a trailer and now present in Verdansk which will be used to teleport from one area to another, changing the rules in battle.

One of the weapons that is depopulating is a rather unusual, we are obviously talking about the Nail Gun better known as "the nail gun". It is not the first time that Call of Duty has delighted us with these strange choices and apparently the developers have begun to include bizarre equipment in their battle royale as well. In this mini guide we will give you a hand on how to unlock it.

There is one thing to say immediately, as often happens with the addition of new weapons these are abused by the community. The Nail Gun in fact turns out to be one of the strongest "submachine guns" of Call of Duty Warzone to date and it is likely, as usual, that the development team will balance it with the next update. To unlock it you just need to perform 5 eliminations with "special weapons" in 15 different games.

Our advice is to enter a swag game, equip a class with a knife (considered a special weapon) and finish your opponents, when they are on the ground, with the latter. A really very simple method. Actually 15 swag games can be tedious and boring, but don't give up. This isn't the only addition in Call of Duty Warzone, it's just the beginning of Season 4. It could really be the most incredible season of all those releases, we hope the team focuses on the cheater issue, still present in battle royale and intent on ruining the games of honest players. For any information regarding free to play, we invite you to follow our pages as usual.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ And ‘Warzone’ Season 4 Battle Pass Overview

Call Of Duty Season 4 gets a new Battle Pass

Credit: Activision

Season 4 of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone introduces an all-new Battle Pass with 100 Tiers of rewards for both paying and free players. Several new weapons are included as part of the free tiers, while paying players will have access to all rewards including new Operators.

Watch the Season 4 Battle Pass trailer below and read on to find out more about what to expect this coming season.

Season 4 Operators

Jackal: Warsaw Pact


Credit: Treyarch

Jackal, the metal-masked South African native, made his mark by infiltrating the CIA Ground Station compound on behalf of Perseus. At Season Four’s launch, he’s ready to fight across Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

A brutal mercenary leader, Jackal has ground his competition into the dirt, recruiting only the strongest survivors into his company. Hated and feared, he works for the highest bidder, and Perseus has very deep pockets...

Get access to Jackal for use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone at Tier 0 in the Season Four Battle Pass and unlock an additional Ultra-Rarity Jackal Operator Skin at Tier 100.

Jackal is the only new Battle Pass Operator. The following two Operators will be offered in Item Shop Bundles.

Salah: NATO


Credit: Treyarch

A member of the CIA-led squadron that infiltrated the Algerian satellite crash site, Salah has a wealth of combat and negotiation skills that make him an invaluable member of NATO’s finest.

A member of Egypt’s elite Unit 777 formed following the expulsion of the Soviets, Salah is a Counterterrorism and Hostage Rescue expert. Always positive and quick to see the best in people, he will always have your back.

Weaver: NATO


Credit: Treyarch

Later this season, Grigori Weaver will venture beyond Requiem’s classified HQ and face the undead threat head-on, in addition to any other NATO missions he’s called into across Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Born in the USSR and raised in America, CIA Clandestine Service Officer Grigori Weaver straddles both sides of the Cold War divide. With this Operator Skin based on his original Black Ops incarnation, Weaver’s dedication compels him to return to duty even after the recent loss of his left eye.

Season 4 Battle Pass Weapons

While Season 4 introduces five new weapons, only two are included as free tiers in the Battle Pass. The other three—the Nail Gun, OTs 9 SMG and melee Mace—are available to unlock via challenges or as Blueprints in the Item Shop. The two new Battle Pass guns are:

MG 82: LMG


Credit: Activision

Full-auto light machine gun. Highest fire rate in class with improved aiming speed. Moderate recoil and damage with increased ammo capacity.

Obtain the MG 82 for free and ready to use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone at Tier 15 of the Season Four Battle Pass.

C58 Assault Rifle

C58 Assault Rifle

Credit: Treyarch

Full-auto assault rifle. High damage at close range with a slower fire rate. Fast bullet velocity and reliable recoil control with less ammo capacity.

Obtain the C58 for free and ready to use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone at Tier 31 of the Season Four Battle Pass.

The rest of the Season 4 Battle Pass includes rewards such as:

  • 300 COD points for free players and 1,000 more COD points for purchasers of the Battle Pass
  • 20 custom Weapon Blueprints
  • Over 30 Operator Skins
  • dozens of cosmetic accessories
  • 2 Ultra-level rewards
  • The new Emerald Trooper watch
  • The new Twisted Reverse Finishing Move
  • Vehicle skins
  • XP tokens
  • 80s’ Hits 2 mix tape
  • Black Ops 4 mix tape
  • The first-ever Ultra-rarity Operator Skin for Jackal at Tier 100
  • Jackal ultra-rare skin

    Credit: Treyarch

    It’s very shiny chrome, no doubt, but I’m not sure what makes it “Ultra” rarity. The “Iridescent” skin features a “mesmerizing light pattern” across his suit. Special missions unlock new special effects including silver or copper shine. Other missions unlock the Manta Ray and Copperite skin styles.

    Finally, you’ll be able to Gift the Battle Pass for the first time, so long as you have Two-Factor Authentication activated. Bundles are also giftable now. Doing so will earn the giver a 60-minute 2XP Battle Pass token.

    The Battle Pass costs 1,000 COD points, all of which you can earn back by finishing all 100 Tiers, and the Battle Pass Bundle—which skips 20 tiers on Xbox and PC and 25 tiers on PlayStation—costs 2,400 COD points. That’s about $10 for the pass or $24 for the pass bundle depending on how many COD points you purchase at once.

    Players will also receive a 10% increase in all XP earnings for the duration of Season 4 if they purchase the Battle Pass.

    It’s a lot. Lots in the Battle Pass both free and paid, lots of free content like new maps and modes for all players across Cold War and Warzone. Should be plenty to keep us busy until the Season 4 Reloaded update.

    Check out the Season 4 patch notes right here.

    Here’s when Season 4 goes live.