Animal Crossing: New Horizons: New For June 2021 - Fish, Insects, Events & More

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: New For June 2021 - Fish, Insects, Events & More

Animal Crossing

Nintendo will also have an update for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game world in June. In our detailed guide you can find out which fish and insects can be caught in the new month. You will meet over ten new fish. Also included are the piranha and the valuable salmon tetra, which brings in an impressive 15,000 sternis when sold. There are also various species of shark, such as the giant whale shark that you catch in the ocean between 4 p.m. and 9 a.m.

When it comes to insects, both old friends and new specimens are waiting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (buy now 54,88 €) on you. The Goliath beetle, which sits in the palm trees, flushes 8,000 sternis into your wallet when it is sold. In the evenings, the fireflies are on their way to your island - only in June. It's also worth stopping by at Nook Shopping this month. You can now use the seasonal tab of the NookPhone app to discover the craft crown and craft cape for Children's Day (until June 15). In addition, a number of items related to the wedding season are available until June 30th, including the flower petal basket and the wedding ring pillow. Items for Father's Day, Dragon Boat Festival (from June 5) and Midsummer (from June 15) are also available in the shopping portal.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: New update indicates enlargement of the island

The new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings more details to the light of the game world. Dataminers have found that! A new event also went live on Animal Crossing: New Horizons in June. You will be participating in the wedding season until June 30th. Players who gambled on the Switch adventure last year are already familiar with the process: The aim of the event is to take the perfect wedding photo. As bonuses there are new furniture, decorations and other items. Nook's store is also experiencing minor changes. The shop is now offering a new item every day that you can buy against Sternis. We will keep you up to date in our news area. Most recently we reported on indications of an upcoming island enlargement.

Animal Crossing: Will the following fan-favorite items ever make their way to the game?

Even though Animal Crossing: New Horizons has completed a year in the gaming fraternity, there are still items in the game that are inaccessible to players.

Several players have come across unique objects in the game but have failed to grab them as in-game items. Each item in Animal Crossing has a symbiotic relationship with other items. Now, if Nintendo has kept some items out of reach for players, there could be a couple of reasons behind it.

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First, these items may not correspond to the items that are already available, making their existence more or less redundant. Second, keeping these items out of reach for players could be a way of keeping a bit of mystery around the title, insinuating that these might accompany events in the future.

Be that as it may, the conspicuous nature of these items make them stand out, forcing the players to question their availability.

Harvey's Fence

This is the most requested item in the community. Currently, players can only choose from a handful of fence designs, which makes Harvey's fence a massive attraction.

(Image via Animal Crossing world)

(Image via Animal Crossing world)(Image via Animal Crossing world)

Even though players have tried applying these on their island, they have failed miserably. Interestingly, dataminers have uncovered evidence suggesting that fence customization will be coming to Animal Crossing sooner rather than later.

Now that Nintendo has also confirmed that it will be present at E3 Direct, players are hoping to hear more on the subject during the aforementioned event that takes place this month.

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In the early days of the game, several players hacked the title to place these fences on their islands. Sadly for them, the happiness from this outcome was rather short-lived as the devs soon patched it, as it wasn't an ability offered by the game.

Nook's cranny watering can

The Animal Crossing island is a sight to behold during the rainy season. An item that is synonymous with the rainy season but is unavailable for players is the watering can that can be found on the outside and inside of Nook's cranny.

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(Image via Crossing channel)

(Image via Crossing channel)(Image via Crossing channel)

This watering also contains flowers, which makes it even more adorable. Even though it is an item that the entire Animal Crossing community wants to get its hands on, it might remain unavailable for the foreseeable future.

Museum foliage

The museum contains rare species of plants, trees and other items. Considering these are rare and are only visible in the museum, it is obvious that they won't be available as decorative items.

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Players feel that devs need to make them available on a rotational basis so that they can be used as decorative items. In fact, introducing some Lily pads will help players decorate their water areas with more creativity.

(Image via Crossing channel)

(Image via Crossing channel)(Image via Crossing channel)

Animal Crossing allows gamers to get hold of some unique items only after they fulfil a set of activities. These rare trees and plants can also be rewarded through the same method, which will enable players to decorate their islands in a more grandiose manner.

Nook Stop

This was an item that was first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Nook Stop is a multi-purpose machine. It allows players to redeem Nook Miles as rewards. Players can also scan their amiibo cards to invite characters to their islands.

(Image via Crossing channel)

(Image via Crossing channel)(Image via Crossing channel)

Players in New Leaf can purchase the Nook Stop and place it in their homes. It is very convenient and works like a charm. However, this item is missing from the current title, and it would be great if Nintendo allows players to earn it in New Horizons.

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