Aifa has approved mixed vaccination for those under the age of 60

Aifa has approved mixed vaccination for those under the age of 60

The drug agency approves mixed vaccination for subjects under 60. Recall after 8-12 weeks

(photo: Mufid Majnun on Unsplash) The Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) has approved the mixed or heterologous vaccination for those under 60 who have already received a dose of Astrazeneca's Vaxzevria vaccine. A final step on the question of the vaccine mix that seems to respond once and for all to the requests for clear indications from the government and institutions, advanced above all by the regions.

The AIFA note substantially formalizes, with the same observations of the case, as previously argued by the Technical Scientific Committee, which - by virtue of the principle of maximum caution, considering the changed epidemiological scenario, the availability of mRna vaccines and the principle of fair treatment - recommended using the vaccine only in over 60, and to use a different product for the second dose in younger people. "On the basis of clinical studies published in recent weeks, the CTS decided, in the face of a significant enhancement of the antibody response and a good reactogenicity profile, to approve the vaccine mix (first dose with Vaxzevria and second dose with Comirnaty or, for analogy, with the Moderna vaccine) ", reads the AIFA note, which thus formalizes the use of these mRna vaccines as a second dose in a mixed vaccination regimen for the under 60s. Distance between first and second dose: 8 -12 weeks.

The clinical studies referred to by the agency are those we have talked about in recent days, which show a possible increase in mild and moderate side effects with the vaccine mix encouraging data at the level of immune response and therefore of protection.

The hope is that the adoption of this new vaccination strategy, in addition to biological plausibility - to use the words of the AIFA that supports it - will certainly prove effective and safe in the field. But the dynamics with which we arrived at this decision should perhaps inspire some reflection on the method, comments today the journalist Roberta Villa, on how we treat and use the scientific evidence available over time to make decisions.

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