Xbox Series X: the excellent FPS Boost tested by Digital Foundry

Xbox Series X: the excellent FPS Boost tested by Digital Foundry

Xbox Series X

One of the most interesting features of the Xbox Series X and Series S is the ability of consoles to increase the frame rate of many titles. The list of games on which this enhancement is possible is really long, a sign both of Microsoft's great attention to this feature but also of the appreciation of large publishers, such as SEGA, Techland or Ubisoft, who have approached positively to ' FPS Boost.

Works such as Gear of War 4, Anthem, the first two chapters of Metro Redux, Deus Ex Mankind Divided and many others have been reviewed by Digital Foundry, which tested the enhanced frame rate on Xbox Series X. The analysis has shown that the increase in FPS is related to a use of the code for Xbox One S of the titles, a choice that allows Series X and Series S to increase the number of frames per second without too much difficulty. if not slightly impacting on the resolution.

Digital Foundry specifies that this decision has however involved a variable resolution of the resolution, which can go from 900p (in the worst cases) up to 1440p. Some titles like Yakuza 6 or Gears of War 4, in fact, run at 1080p and 60 FPS, while others like Paladins or Metro Redux even reach 120 FPS, with the latter anchored at 921p. Different speech for Shadow of the Tomb Raider which can reach 2016p at 60 FPS.

Curious is the case of Dying Light, which, although it does not have an update for Xbox One X, continues to run at 30 frames per second on Xbox Series S. Different speech for Xbox Series X on which, thanks to the FPS Boost, the title can easily reach 60 FPS. Digital Foundry highlights how incredible it is that this enhancement is also activated on the Xbox Series S, demonstrating that the cheapest console still manages to guarantee excellent results especially with backwards compatible games.

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Xbox Series X and S are getting Dolby Vision gaming, Microsoft confirms

xbox-controller-for-xbox-series-x-s-oneJosh Goldman/CNET

Microsoft says Dolby Vision HDR gaming support on its Xbox Series X and S consoles is 'coming soon,' following its roll out this week to Xbox Insider members. The video format supports high dynamic range, giving improved picture quality.

The update, available to Xbox Series beta testers, will 'include support for Dolby Vision gaming along with some or all the following next-gen gaming features -- low video latency, ALLM, VRR, and other features,' Microsoft said. ALLM is auto low-latency mode, meaning the Xbox will choose the appropriate mode for what you're watching. VRR is variable refresh rate, which gives smoother action (read more here).

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This is the first time Dolby Vision support will be available in games, but it's not a new feature, as the Xbox Series consoles already offer HDR streaming compatibility.

A Microsoft spokesperson declined to say which games would be available in Dolby Vision. 

'While we won't spoil any of our partner plans, we can confirm that games are in development and that we are accelerating our engagements with these studios to build out a strong library of games,' the spokesperson said.

In March, when the company first began testing Dolby Vision support, some users found that it was available on Borderlands 3, Gears 5, Halo: Master Chief Collection and Wreckfest, according to Engadget.

In the meantime, gamers have found it hard to buy one of the next-gen consoles. Supply shortages have meant that consoles sell out within minutes of one of the scheduled drops. In recognition of this, Microsoft this week added the ability for some Xbox One owners to sign up for a limited number of reserved consoles.

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