Xbox opens up to mods? Microsoft would stick to its new platform

Xbox opens up to mods? Microsoft would stick to its new platform

Console gamers have long dreamed of tapping into the boundless world of mods. On PC, the modder community indulges itself with creations of all kinds on any game. Without mentioning the infinite Skyrim, which has always been a real Frankenstein monster when it comes to mods, the recent Resident Evil Village has already got some really crazy creations. Apparently, however, the mods could be coming to Xbox with a new dedicated platform.

In the past few hours, a new rumor that has appeared on Reddit has attracted the attention of Xbox fans. According to what can be read online, it seems that Bethesda is using its new Creation Engine to develop Starfield, and according to the information just leaked, this new Creation Engine seems to be the best possible engine also to go to make a whole series of mod for the games that use it.

The interesting thing, however, is what seems to be in development at Microsoft, with the American company that would be using both Starfield and the new Creation Engine for the realization of a new platform dedicated to modding. According to rumors, this platform could be released on the Xbox console family once everything is ready to welcome the creations of the always very active modder community.

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- Idle Sloth (@ IdleSloth84) May 18 , 2021

At the moment there remain mere rumors, and for this reason we have no further additional information. We do not know, in fact, if this phantom platform dedicated to Xbox mods will be exclusive to Microsoft consoles or if it will also arrive on other platforms in the event that Starfield and the next Bethesda games will still be confirmed as cross-platform. In short, the question is still smoky, and until the moment of officialdom we advise you to take everything with a grain of salt.

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