Xbox asks you what the best start to a Bethesda game is

Xbox asks you what the best start to a Bethesda game is

There is no doubt that Bethesda’s entry into the Xbox studio has caused a lot of talk in recent months. When you think about it, the idea that two of the biggest companies in the industry have come together to bring great works to a mighty service from the caliber of Xbox Game Pass is truly incredible. It is in fact a profitable union for both parties but above all for Microsoft, which has had the opportunity to enhance its stock and the value of Game Pass with games much loved by users all over the world.

It goes without saying that the same company, whose social profiles are always very active and irreverent, can take pride in the presence of Bethesda's titles in Xbox Game Pass, obviously in its own way. In the last few hours, the social pages of the service have started asking users what they think is the Bethesda game with the best start. Works such as DOOM Eternal, Prey, RAGE 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Order are taken for example, which players should choose from.

However, just as many are citing the insurmountable Skyrim with the iconic phrase “ Hey you. You're finally awake ", we think of a 2016 title that gave new life to a historical series: obviously we are talking about the DOOM reboot, which used the first few minutes of the game to create a perfect introduction like few others. There are so many Bethesda titles that we could name, but we struggle a lot to decide the one with the best initial phase precisely because almost all of them are very successful.

The most badass intro to a Bethesda game is… .. pic / ezku4hJzix

- Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) May 7, 2021

We mentioned the 2016 DOOM, but what do you think? Among the four introductions proposed by the Xbox Game Pass profile which do you think is the best? Above all, do you think of Bethesda titles that are now forgotten but that you were passionate about years ago? Let us know with a comment at the bottom and stay connected on our pages so as not to miss other news and updates on the Xbox service.

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