Windows 10 withdrew an AMD driver that was causing startup problems

Windows 10 withdrew an AMD driver that was causing startup problems

ComputerBase colleagues reported that a recent AMD driver for the “SCSI Adapter” device caused problems during the boot phase of Windows 10 on certain hardware configurations. The bug appears to have been most commonly encountered on Gigabyte motherboards. People have complained about the situation on the ComputerBase forums, Microsoft Answers, and the / r / AMD subreddit. The problems started after the “Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - SCSI Adapter -” driver was installed automatically via Windows Update.

So far it seems that the drawbacks mainly concern Gigabyte Aorus motherboards using the X570 chipset. Complaints about the problem started appearing on Microsoft Answers on April 28, but the company has finally decided to remove the update from its servers, so those who reverted to an older version of the driver do not run the risk of having it installed again. Apparently, users, after rebooting the system following the installation of the offending driver, were no longer able to boot correctly, as a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) appeared that reported the error " INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE ”.

It seems that the driver was first distributed to the members of the Windows Insider program to verify its stability, before being distributed even on the most common stable channel. It was precisely the test on a greater number of configurations that brought the problem to light, forcing the company to remove the file from its servers in order not to cause further inconvenience to users.

Today we also told you about another rather problematic update of Windows 10, codenamed KB5001391, which was plagued by a bug that caused the famous blue screen accompanied by the error code “BAD_POOL_CALLER”. For more details, we advise you to consult our previous article.

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