Uncharted: Voice of Nathan Drake praises the main actor

Uncharted: Voice of Nathan Drake praises the main actor


The voice actor for Nathan Drake has highly praised the work of lead actor Tom Holland in the upcoming film adaptation of Uncharted. On a podcast, Nolan North spoke about his visit to the set of the film:

"The great thing is that he's a super super nice guy. He's so enthusiastic, athletic, a fantastic dancer and he has a lot he did the stunts himself. His physical intelligence is really insane. I'm looking forward to [the movie]. "

Tom Holland himself has recently regretted the way he portrayed Nathan Drake because he concentrated too much on looking good in some scenes. During the course of the podcast, voice actor Nolan North also spoke about the younger age of Nathan Drake.

"It's a brilliant idea. You meet Nathan Drake in the games in his early 30s [...] and then it goes on into his mid-forties. It was one of the few characters I also aged with. But where was Nathan Drake in his twenties instead of turning those movies into remaking the games into a passive experience that you can have for two hours looks [...] now you get the chance - they don't say it, it's not an official prequel - to see a version of Nathan Drake, but in his twenties. I think it's great. "

The film adaptation of Uncharted was first announced ten years ago. In the past, not only was the theatrical release regularly postponed, the cast also kept changing. In addition to Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle and Antonio Banderas are now among the film's actresses. The cinema release of Uncharted is currently planned for February 11, 2022.

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Nolan North praises Tom Holland’s performance in upcoming Uncharted movie

Tom Holland standing in front of a building: Tom Holland in the Uncharted movie © Provided by Total Film Tom Holland in the Uncharted movie

The original Nathan Drake, voice actor Nolan North, has praised Tom Holland’s performance in the upcoming Uncharted movie.

In an episode of the Good Game Nice Try podcast, Nolan revealed his thoughts on the upcoming film after being invited to visit the set. The actor goes on to gush about the Spider-Man actor, who is set to play Nathan Drake in the movie, stating that: “The great thing about it is, he’s a super, super nice kid.” 

He also went on to highlight Holland’s talent for physical acting noting that “he’s enthusiastic, he’s so athletic, he's an amazing dancer, he actually did a lot of the stunts. His physical intelligence is off the chain.” Which is probably quite nice to hear for Holland as he has previously stated that he was worried about his Uncharted movie performance.

As for the other actors set to appear in the film, Nolan also touched upon Mark Wahlberg’s work as Sully adding that, despite initially not being sold on the casting, he thinks Wahlberg and Holland have a great dynamic together, saying that the two “just have fun with each other, and I’m looking forward to [seeing] it.”

Addressing the slight change in the character’s age for the movie whilst describing his own experience as Nathan Drake, Nolan stated: “It’s a brilliant idea. You meet Nathan Drake when you play the games in his early 30s, and that’s where I was, and then it goes up through his mid-40s, which is where I was, and it's one of the few characters you get to age with. Where was Nathan Drake in his 20s?”

“Rather than have these movies remake the game into this passive experience where you just sit there for 2 hours and go okay that happened” He continues “now you’re getting this opportunity to see, they don’t say this – it’s not a prequel, but it’s like here’s our version of Nathan Drake but in his 20s. I think it’s great.”

The Uncharted movie was originally set to release in 2016 however after several pushbacks it's now due on February 18, 2022, and may just be the start of several video game adaptations that Sony has in the works. 

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