The Last of Us Remake is more than a makeover, according to new clues

The Last of Us Remake is more than a makeover, according to new clues

The Last of Us Remake is more than a makeover

The past few weeks have given us a whole series of new rumors and interesting information regarding the saga of The Last of Us. First of all we have witnessed the "shocking" statements of Neil Druckmann and Haley Gross, who declared that they have already started writing a draft plot for The Last of Us 3. In addition to this, some rumors have appeared on the net that seem to suggest a possible The Last of Us Remake.

Now, according to a recent report published by Gamereactor, it seems that this elusive The Last of Us Remake will not be based on bringing the remastered version already released on PlayStation back to PS5 4, but it will be a makeover with more additions than you can imagine. This remake, according to the report, will exploit the power of the new Sony console so as to allow the title to shine in a new light not only visually.

It is not specified what will be added in this rumored The Last of Us Remake, but it is possible to hypothesize that many choices of gameplay and mechanics will be resumed that we have come to know and love in the most recent seque l released just under a year ago. The report ends here, but it should be emphasized that Gamereactor has already proved to be a fairly reliable source in the past.

At present we have no official clue that can give us certainty about the existence of this The Last of Us Remake. For this reason, pending a possible official status, we advise you to take all this information that has recently emerged with due attention.

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The Last of Us Remake Will be More Than Just a Simple Visual Upgrade, Report Claims

Expect several gameplay enhancements in line with the sequel as well.

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We were all surprised when reports emerged a month ago that a remake of The Last of Us was in development at Naughty Dog. Given how good the game looks and plays even today, and the fact that it already received a pretty impressive remaster back in 2014, the general feeling among fans has been that The Last of Us is a game that doesn’t really need a remake. After all, it’s hard to be excited for a remake of a game that’s less than a decade old- what can we even expect from it, other than some visual enhancements?

Well, apparently, it’s not going to be that simple. According to an article published recently by Game Reactor, The Last of Us’ remake won’t just entail boosts to performance and resolution. On top of visual upgrades, the remake is allegedly also going to have gameplay enhancements that will leverage the PS5’s hardware and the more capable engine that was used for The Last of Us Part 2, adding new gameplay features as well. “Let’s not blow expectations out of the water by hyping it up too much, but this won’t be a “simple” improvement of resolution, framerate and textures,” Game Reactor writes.

Recently, journalist Jason Schreier – who originally broke the news about the remake – also stated that the project was greenlit at Naughty Dog partially because the studio’s other projects were still in pre-production at the time, essentially meaning they didn’t have any other project to focus on.

Meanwhile, series creator and director Neil Druckmann also recently said that a story outline for The Last of Us Part 3 is already in place, though he added that if Naughty Dog does work on it, it’ll be quite a while before it materializes as anything substantial.