The Division Heartland: First gameplay leaks for the new F2P game from Ubisoft

The Division Heartland: First gameplay leaks for the new F2P game from Ubisoft

The Division Heartland

Ubisoft is adding Heartland to the The Division universe. The stand-alone free-2-play game is slated to appear in 2021-2022 for PC, consoles and cloud platforms. At the moment, the shooter seems to be in the closed alpha phase, in which only a few players can take part - the publication of individual gameplay scenes and screenshots is prohibited. Over the weekend, a player apparently did not obey the rules and published a 20-minute video from Heartland. The clip, which has since been deleted in many places, showed how the player struggled through the American city of Silver Creek.

The gameplay is reminiscent of The Division 2: The player takes cover, kills opponents and collects loot. The graphics are also based on the agent shooter. You can see a short recording from the video in the following tweet. Silver Creek's air is polluted; as an agent, you take on looters. The game modes reportedly include an expedition - pure co-op PvE. In addition, there is the PvEvP game mode Storm, which is designed for 45 players (15 teams).

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The Division Heartland: New Free2Play title announced

Ubisoft has announced the Heartland Division announced a Free2Play offshoot of the series. Registrations for the test have already started. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1372207,1371686'; The development is led by Red Storm Entertainment. The studio had also contributed to the two The Division games. Ubisoft also recently announced plans to bring The Division brand to mobile devices. Details should follow in the coming weeks and months. The Division 2 is also to be expanded continuously. For example, an update with new content is to appear at the end of the year. In our news area we keep you up to date on the developments.

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The Division Heartland’ Closed Test Leaks Reveal What The Game Actually Is

The Division

Red Storm

Details about The Division Heartland have leaked via the release of a video that specifically tells players not to leak it. That did not stop SkyLeaks from posting it and watermarking it, and you can watch it now at that link before it’s inevitably taken down.

I don’t really consider this “spoilers” as it’s just nice to know what we’re getting into here. And it does seem to confirm a theory about this game that’s been circulating since it was announced.

Some details:

  • We are moving away from big cities like NYC and DC to Silver Creek, a small town.
  • You will get to know the town and its “mysterious story” through a co-op PvE mode called Expedition.
  • After that, you will then unlock “Storm,” a 45 player PvPvE mode.
  • Both modes involve scavenging and fighting and dealing with “the most unpredictable virus contamination The Division has ever seen.”
  • So, in short, yes, a big chunk of this game does seem to be an expansion of The Division 1’s famous Survival mode, which was a battle royale before battle royales really became a huge thing, echoing games like Rust or DayZ back in the day.

    The Division


    Storm appears to be larger than Survival ever was, and presumably there will be no more “cold” mechanic like there was on the frozen streets of New York. But we’ll see about hunger, thirst, contamination and all of that.

    Ever since Heartland was announced people suspected it might be standalone Survival, and everyone seemed to be on board with that. It explains why despite everyone asking for it for two years, Survival never came to The Division 2.

    It’s interesting to note that there’s also a pure PvE mode here with story components, so fans who don’t like The Division’s PvP may still have something to do. But how expansive that mode is compared to the Storm mode remains unclear.

    This seems like a promising project, even if Ubisoft didn’t want this info getting out yet. If anything it encourages me to hear more about it. I’m not in the closed test (if I was I don’t think I could have posted this), but as the video says, that test will be key in getting the game ready for launch. The tentative date was 2021 or 2022, but given how game development usually goes, let’s just say that’s going to be 2022.

    We’ll see when we get more public-facing info about this, and also about more Division 2 content which is still supposed to be coming to that game this year. Stay tuned.

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