The Coalition: Developer reports on Star Wars rumor

The Coalition: Developer reports on Star Wars rumor

The Coalition

At the beginning of this week, the development studio The Coalition announced that it would increasingly rely on the modern Unreal Engine 5 for future projects. The team left it open in which games the engine will be used. But a little later, Jeff Grubb, the first insider to speak about this topic - with some interesting statements.

Because, as Grubb reports, The Coalition is supposedly not only working on a rather smaller, experimental title, but also a previously secret game in the Star Wars universe. Grubb did not reveal the source from which he obtained this information, but in the past the insider and journalist has proven himself to be a reliable informant several times.

Can we look forward to a Star Wars adventure from the Gears -Developers looking forward? No - at least not when it comes to the community manager "TC Kilo" who works for The Coalition. A little later he spoke up via to comment on this - with a very clear statement.

"To clear up this Star Wars matter: We are not working on such a title . We currently have nothing more to announce. "

Accordingly, the Community Manager gives the Star Wars rumors a clear rejection. However, the phrase "current" could indicate that the development studio may still leave a small back door open. The Coalition may be waiting for the right time to make an announcement. The E3 2021? In any case, we are still on the ball for you.

Source: Reddit, Y ouTube

The Coalition is not working on a new Star Wars game

You may have seen some rumblings across the internet recently suggesting The Coalition is working on an unannounced Star Wars games. Strangely enough, that isn't the case, as confirmed by the studio's senior community manager.The Coalition recently announced it would use Unreal Engine 5 for future games and that it was working on 'multiple new projects.' Following this reveal, senior community manager TC Shauny (formerly TC Kilo) took to Reddit to set the record straight after one user mentioned that one of these new projects could be a Star Wars game. TC Shauny said, 'Just to clarify regarding the Star Wars thing. We are not working on any such title. We have nothing else to announce at this time.'

The original rumour came from VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb, who said earlier this month that he'd heard rumblings of The Coalition working on a Star Wars game. 'Now, I've heard rumours that it could be a Star Wars thing from out of The Coalition,' Grubb said. 'But I haven't been able to confirm that. These are rumours that are kicked around in a few different places. Basically, I'm not putting any money on that.'

The Coalition has said it will share more on what it's working on 'when the time is right.'

In other The Coalition-related news, the studio has confirmed that Operation 8 in Gears 5 will be its last.

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