Stormdivers, the other game from the creators of Returnal, is not coming - certainly not soon

Stormdivers, the other game from the creators of Returnal, is not coming - certainly not soon


Housemarque has taken center stage in recent months thanks to Returnal, an exclusive PS5 with high production levels. The studio was formerly known mostly for "minor" works (in size, not quality) such as the beloved Resogun. We must not forget, however, that Housemarque had another project in development before Returnal: Stormdivers, a battle royale. What can we expect from the game? Very little.

In a recent interview, Mikeal Haveri - marketing director of Housemarque - said that "Stormdivers has been permanently put on ice. It is very likely that we will never get it back." Haveri, however, continued the speech stating that it could happen in the future.

Stormdivers In our opinion, it is better that the players don't wait with bated breath, also because the team was not at all optimistic of the success.

Housemarque still intends to continue in the development of games as high level as Returnal, if not even bigger. If you want to see something of Stormdivers, a development diary video is available.

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Stormdivers is most likely cancelled

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The developers over at Housemarque took the world by surprise when they confirmed the studio would stop making arcade shoot'em up games in 2017. We got to see the first example of this move one year later when Stormdivers, the Finnish team's take on battle royale, was announced. It seemed decent enough, but we were told the game had been 'put on hold' to focus on the then yet to be unveiled Returnal back in January 2020. Turns out, that was probably just a way of saying that the project had been taken to a beautiful farm so far away that we'll never get to visit it.

Because Mikael Haveri, Housemarque's marketing director, and I touched upon the studio's history when I had the pleasure of interviewing him about Returnal a while back. This included me asking if the studio is planning to return to Stormdivers now that the amazing roguelike game has launched. Unfortunately, he had some bad news for those of us who saw some great potential in it:

'Yeah, Stormdivers is definitely on ice. It is very likely that we won't bring it out at any point either.'

While this might be disappointing for some, Haveri continued by elaborating on what they might actually do in the future, and it sounds like Housemarque wants to make even more big games like Returnal, if not bigger.