Starfield: Microsoft already has ads ready for 2021, according to an insider

Starfield: Microsoft already has ads ready for 2021, according to an insider


Let's go back to talking about Starfield but, once again, only in terms of rumors, given that the real news on the Bethesda game continues to be in short supply contrary to the rumors that circulate in great abundance, in this case with information from a alleged insider that Microsoft has prepared a promotional campaign for the game with spaces already acquired for 2021.

The news comes from the XboxEra podcast, from which information has emerged in the past that later proved to be exact but with a history that , in any case, it does not make it strictly reliable. The alleged insider in question, "Shpeshal Ed", has been quite active lately and has been taken into consideration recently especially for having accurately guessed the prediction of Final Fantasy 7 Remake offered within the PS Plus games.

Beyond this, however, we cannot say that it is a reliable source in a certain way, in any case the podcast that leads together with others often collects interesting information, so let's see what emerged this time.

Verso l 'hour 1:30 in the video, approximately, it is reported that Microsoft has already anticipated the promotional campaign of Starfield, having already organized several marketing initiatives for 2021. In particular, there is talk of the purchase of television advertising space and not by the end of the year, which could suggest an upcoming release for the Bethesda game.

In any case, as usual, the official news on Starfield is scarce: just a few hours a ago, a possible concept art related to the production of the Bethesda title emerged, which according to some could be presented at E3 2021.

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Leaked Starfield image borrows John Berkey's exotic sci-fi style

If this new Starfield leaked image is real, then Bethesda is taking inspiration from one of sci-fi's greatest artists.


A new bit of Starfield concept art may have accidentally been posted on Bethesda's content delivery network, giving us an idea of what to expect from the game. The image reveals quite a bit about Starfield's overall aesthetics. The game should blend a mix of old-school dazzling 1970s sci-fi splendor, paying homage to the likes of Kubrick and McQuarrie, but the biggest influence is clearly the legendary artist John Berkey.

The image shows a high-tech watch has the HUD from another purported Starfield leak alongside some very striking doodles. If these doodles are actual ships and crafts featured in the game then Bethesda has been inspired by John Berkey's exotic sci-fantasy art.

Known for his strange curved spaceships and dazzling colors, Berkey has created tons of paintings showing a deep-future dimensionality of science fiction. Berkey created posters for films like King Kong and Star Wars, and his work adorned many a high-tech magazine and the covers of sci-fi fiction books.

His ships are instantly recognizable and unique with aquatic contours and some look like yachts or high-tech whales careening through space. There's also star station hubs with their own towering starscrapers orbiting some strange far-away planet.

It'll be interesting to see if this concept art is real or not and what kinds of strange, dazzling, and exotic things Bethesda may be creating with Starfield.

We may see new Starfield content as part of Bethesda's E3 2021 presence in June.