Spain imposes a speed limit of 30 km / h in urban areas

Spain imposes a speed limit of 30 km / h in urban areas

New speed limits will come into effect in urban areas of Spain. The new measure contained in the Real Decree 970/2020 therefore provides that in most of the streets of urban centers, with one way or with a single lane in each direction of travel, the traffic limit is imposed up to a maximum of 30 km / h. Limit of 50 km / h confirmed instead in city streets with more than one lane in each direction.

Not surprisingly, the amendment to the Spanish Highway Code was approved by the Sánchez government on November 10, 2020, with a set time of six months for its entry into force, while implementation started on 10 May. Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska and the mayor of Valladolid announced that the change inevitably aims at a decisive improvement in urban safety. In fact, there are many international studies that show how with a speed of less than 30km / h the risk of fatal accidents for pedestrians in the event of an impact is significantly reduced, compared to a speed of 50 km / h.

Second the Dirección General de Tráfico, department of the Ministry of the Interior, the new provision that will see Spain as the protagonist covers 70-80% of city streets. In this regard, we underline that the new provisions also provide for a progressive increase in sanctions. On the roads at 30 km / h, citizens traveling between 31 and 50 km / h will therefore pay a penalty of 100 euros, which rises to 300 euros with a consequent deduction of two points from the driving license for those over 50. However, it rises to 400 euros with a reduction of four points over 61 km / h, and 500 (- six points) exceeding 71. A good 600 euros in the case of a detected speed equal to or greater than 81.

In any case, each Municipality may increase or decrease the limits, but this will be allowed only in exceptional cases with the installation of appropriate signs. However, the 80 km / h obligation will remain in force on high-speed urban roads, which both municipalities and regional administrations will be able to increase up to the maximum limit of 120 km / h, in force on motorways and extra-urban expressways. br>
Considering the Spanish government's objective of reducing the accident rate, the reform of the Code seems to have registered a great consensus. It is no coincidence that the DGT itself reiterated that in the limited traffic areas already active the accident reduction rate has exceeded 40%. However, there are also concerns on the part of some associations that sound the alarm for the traffic jams that the new speed limits will create and for the consequent need to make specific changes to the same signs.

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