Sonic Collection: Dealer leaks a mysterious collection

Sonic Collection: Dealer leaks a mysterious collection

Sonic Collection

It seems that Sonic the Hedgehog fans can look forward to a special collection. This is at least indicated by an advertisement from the French retailer Sogamely. He recently added a product with the simple name "Sonic Collection" to its range.

If you take a closer look at the corresponding product page, you won't discover too many details. There you can only read that the Sonic Collection is to appear for the PS4 - and that it is a product from the "Video Games" category. Whether this also applies to other platforms is unknown, as is information on the content of the collection and its release date. An official statement or even confirmation from Sega is also pending, so you should enjoy the whole thing with a certain amount of caution, at least for the time being. The ad could just be a kind of placeholder for some other product - or simply a mistake.

On the other hand, the upcoming announcement of such a Sonic collection would be anything but surprising or unlikely. After all, Sega 2921 is celebrating the big anniversary for 30 years of Sonic and had already announced the release of new games. Several events, licensed programs and one or two surprises have also been announced for the celebrations. The latter could therefore include the announcement of a Sonic Collection. As soon as there are concrete details in this regard, you will of course find them immediately in our news section.

Source: Sogamely