SEGA would be developing a FPS defined as a "Super Game"

SEGA would be developing a FPS defined as a Super Game

In this precise period of the year, videogame companies sum up what they did during the previous fiscal year. In addition to emerging a whole series of numbers and percentages on earnings, it often happens to also receive some details in advance on what will be the next upcoming productions. After having talked about what could await us in the future of Square Enix, it is time to dive into some interesting news coming from SEGA.

SEGA Like all the other important companies in the sector, they can be consulted in network also all documents relating to the end-of-fiscal year conference relating to SEGA. The swag of data and information is gigantic, but luckily some insiders have readily managed to extract those juicy and interesting details that are so pleasing to fans. Just one of these information, for example, talks about a particular project under development at the Japanese company.

As the well-known insider Nibel points out on Twitter, in addition to examining which of their IPs to shine their own light again with new remastered versions, or even remakes, SEGA currently has a mysterious project in the works. From what we know it is a FPS that the Japanese company defines as a "Super Game". Unfortunately we don't know anything else at the moment, but we hope to soon understand how this title will be Super.

Interesting tidbits from SEGA Sammy's latest financial report: they'll examine which of their IPs are fit for a remaster / remake / reboot

Also, one of their studios is working on a new FPS title, a 'Super Game' (maybe that upcoming Creative Assembly FPS) / WtSrl9P1Dg

- Nibel (@Nibellion) May 13, 2021

In conclusion, Nibel tries to have his say, asserting that this super game could be the already rumored new FPS project of the guys from Creative Assembly, a team that mainly deals with strategic but that in the past has given birth to that great survival horror of Alien Isolation.

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