Rick and Morty 5 - the new crazy trailer

Rick and Morty 5 - the new crazy trailer

Rick and Morty 5 is coming, bitch! Unfortunately, we are used to waiting quite long periods of time between one season and another of this series born as a parody of Back to the Future. We already know that Season 5's return has been confirmed earlier, and to remind us she hasn't forgotten about us Rick and Morty fans, Adult Swim has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming season.

The crazy new trailer for Rick and Morty 5

At the moment it is not yet known how many total episodes Rick and Morty Season 5 will be composed, nor if it will be divided into two parts like the fourth, but from this new trailer it is evident that we will be able to see a whole series of new parodies of pillars of pop culture such as Voltron, the Marvel superheroes and many others. Check out Voltron below!

From a narrative standpoint, what we're all waiting to see is how it will develop later on at the end of Season 4, especially regarding Beth's clone ( nicknamed "Space Beth" by many fans), but it seems that this curiosity will be satisfied by Rick and Morty 5.

Something tells me, however, that you are more interested in enjoying the trailer for Rick and Morty 5 than continuing to read what I am writing with so much passion, so here it is:

In the interviews and panels that are anticipating the contents of the new season, the Rick and Morty team has stated that it is already working on the sixth and also on the seventh season of the series. They also anticipated that there will be several new features, which is another reason to be excited to be able to enjoy Rick and Morty 5 soon!

Rick and Morty 5 will air on Adult Swim on June 20th. Why not prepare adequately for this extraordinary event by purchasing a classic Plumbus? You can find it on Amazon!