Overwatch 2: Big changes to teams and characters

Overwatch 2: Big changes to teams and characters

Overwatch 2

The development studio Blizzard Entertainment recently hosted a large livestream for the hero shooter Overwatch 2 and announced numerous interesting details. The focus of the event was clearly on the PvP part of the game, which will go through some changes compared to the first Overwatch episode.

That starts with the size of the teams involved in the PvP Will face battles. If the teams consisted of six participants each in the first game, their number is reduced to five in Overwatch 2. But that's not the only major change: In the future there will be a fixed distribution of roles. Each team always consists of two supporters, two damage dealers and a tank. You cannot change anything about this combination. The developers hope that this new system will make it easier to follow and understand what is happening in the game. In addition, it should give the individual roles more opportunities to stand out positively. However, it remains to be seen how this change will be received by fans. There were already some critical voices during the stream.

What happens to the characters?

Furthermore, Blizzard Entertainment stated that some of the characters already known from the first Overwatch are undergoing a major overhaul. This should and will have an effect on the general balancing and certainly also bring a breath of fresh air into the game. The developers named the robot Bastion and Mei as examples. The latter should no longer be able to completely freeze their opponents. Blizzard plans to give a first glimpse of the new balancing of the heroes later this year.

You can find the full stream below this message. How do you feel about the changes that have already been announced? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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