Nintendo Switch: Firmware 12.0.2 for download - that's in the update

Nintendo Switch: Firmware 12.0.2 for download - that's in the update

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is releasing new firmware for the Switch: the system update 12.0.2 is available for download. A look at the support area of ​​the Nintendo website reveals that the game console does not learn new functions with the update. In the patch notes, the publisher simply states that the firmware is optimizing the system stability in order to improve the user experience. The details do not reveal which screws the developers actually turned.

As reported by the Dataminer and Leaker OatmealDome on Twitter, the new Nintendo Switch (buy now) firmware 12.0.2 apparently has a problem with Bluetooth Driver. It is reported that this closes a security gap. The system update does not provide any new indications of a possible Pro model. That was different with firmware released in April: the aforementioned Dataminer had discovered the possibility in the program code that the console's docking station could be updated in the future. It is believed that it is a new docking station that could come with the Pro model of the Nintendo Switch.

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