Ninja: thanks to Fortnite he earned a disproportionate amount in just one month

Ninja: thanks to Fortnite he earned a disproportionate amount in just one month


The pairing of Ninja and Fortnite has always been very strong, with the successful streamer who managed to gain even greater popularity by playing the successful Epic Games title on a daily basis. Thanks to his direct reports, the Fortnite community has become even more passionate about the game and has managed to become attached to one of the most successful content creators of recent years. Just recently, the streamer decided to reveal a curious background inherent to the Epic title.

It must be said that it was a long time before Ninja returned to propose a direct dedicated to Fortnite, and precisely to recently the streamer decided to return to broadcast the Epic game. During this broadcast, Ninja claimed that he once managed to make $ 5 million in just one month. How? Simply by using the code of the Support a Creator mode that allows you to earn 5% of in-game purchases on your creations.

All this helped Ninja to reach that crazy figure also because he was now in his peak of popularity, when the American streamer managed to make thousands and thousands of viewers a day and had undoubtedly become the most famous Fortnite player in the world. “I think the most I've ever earned in a month thanks to the creator's code was $ 5 million. I'm not kidding, "said the well-known streamer during a recent live broadcast.

Now that Ninja is back on Twitch, after his Mixer parenthesis, it remains to be seen if the popular streamer will still give space to Fortnite after he has long gone, or if the recent stream was just a fleeting return to the Epic Games title.

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Ninja accused of alleged drug abuse after rapid decline in physical appearance

Richard Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has been accused of alleged drug abuse by popular YouTuber SunnyV2. According to the latter, the decline of the Fortnite icon's physical physique and stature could be due to a drug known as Adderall.

While not illegal, this medication can have repercussions if taken without supervision or doctor's orders. Adderall can help individuals stay awake for long hours and focus on the tasks at hand.

However, drugs have lately been abused in the esports community by gamers, who have begun taking them to enhance performance.

The truth is that Adderall is more effective at correcting shortcomings than enhancing performance, as many players would believe. While the drug does create a placebo effect in the minds of gamers, its side effect is worse. This somewhat correlates to SunnyV2's statement about Ninja's loss of physical physique.

In his video, titled Dark Side of Ninja's Life, SunnyV2 talked about the popular streamer and addressed many of his controversies and shortcomings. Towards the end of the video, he shifted the topic and began talking about the possibility of the internet star using drugs:

'The topic first became interesting on January 26th, 2021, when people began sharing screenshots of Ninja looking sickly and voicing their concern about him. The concerns seem to be somewhat valid because when watching a video from 10 months ago, it's evident that his physical decline has been somewhat rapid. With such a rapid decline, his fans have speculated that it may be more than a simple nutrition problem.'

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Ninja has lost a lot of weight (Image via SunnyV2, YouTube)

Ninja has lost a lot of weight (Image via SunnyV2, YouTube)Ninja has lost a lot of weight (Image via SunnyV2, YouTube)

Like many players and fans, SunnyV2 also suspects that Ninja is cutting corners in more ways than one. While the authenticity of these claims cannot be confirmed, it would explain why the Detroit native has been inactive on social media in terms of streaming content.

More recently, the 29-year-old even decided to leave Time In's Valorant roster. Nonetheless, Ninja is yet to address these allegations, and hopefully, they do turn out to be just a case of inadequate nutrition and nothing else.

Readers can watch the entire video below:

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