Ninja made $ 5 million in one month with Fortnite's Creator Code alone

Ninja made $ 5 million in one month with Fortnite's Creator Code alone

Tyler Blevins, better known online as Ninja, recently revealed, with great nonchalance, that he has earned $ 5 million in just one month through Fortnite's Creator Code feature.

The information was shared by Ninja during a recent stream that was captured and shared by Dexerto via Twitter. You can see and hear the clip yourself, below. The streamer states, in translation: "I think the maximum earning I made in a month through the Creator Code was around 5 million. I'm not kidding."

Ninja went on to say that "That was fun, man. I insulted someone the other day in a stream that was mocking me about my skill in League of Legends and told them I could buy his entire family tree. It was hugely fun. " The Fortnite player, of course, has no money problems.

In case you don't know, we remind you that the Fortnite Creator Code program allows content creators to earn 5% of the amount spent by a user who enters the creator's unique code at the time of purchase. 5 million is obviously a lot of money, but Ninja managed to close a $ 50 million deal with Mixer, which was then closed: according to reports, the streamer kept the full payment and was free to return to Twitch.

If you are a Fortnite fan, we remind you that the update 16.40 is available all the news of the update.

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