Necromunda: Hired Gun, video shows us the relationship between the protagonist and his dog

Necromunda: Hired Gun, video shows us the relationship between the protagonist and his dog


Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer for the first-person shooter Necromunda: Hired Gun, to show us the wonderful relationship between the protagonist and his dog. In addition to the four-legged friend, the footage is also filled with explosive gameplay sequences. If you're curious, check it out.

Read more details from the official press release:

Necromunda: Hired Gun, the thrilling and fast-paced first-person shooter developed by Streum On Studio, gives you the welcome to the nefarious city of Necromunda, a wild place where everything is allowed, at the right price. Earn your living as a bounty hunter in this violent utopia.

Accept the contract and hunt your prey!

Introduce yourself to Martyr's End, the bounty hunter's hangout in your little corner of Necromunda. Choose your contract, prepare your equipment and set out, together with your cyber-hound, to track down the targets in one of the many despicable areas of the Hive. Use the grappling hook and wall running technique to get close to your prey and unleash the destruction.

Upgrade your arsenal!

Knife, grenade launcher and a special gravity pistol will help you earn a living in the conflict between the different factions of the Hive. After each action-intensive mission, swap loot for upgrades for your arsenal and that of your four-legged best friend. Specialize your character, increase your power and become your target's worst nightmare.

Before leaving, we remind you that Necromunda: Hired Gun will be released on June 1st 2021 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The physical edition will be available from 30 June. By pre-ordering the game, you receive the Hunter's Bounty Pack DLC for free.

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Latest Necromunda: Hired Gun Trailer Showcases Man’s Best Friend


Focus Home Interactive has gone ahead and revealed a new Necromunda: Hired Gun trailer, which showcases Man’s best friend and your Cyber-Mastiff who is by your side in-game.

The trailer is a more cinematic look at the action and world of the game, rather than the gameplay-focused trailers we have seen in the past. Either way, the game continues to look like a solid FPS that came out of nowhere. Hopefully, it can live up to ours and fans’ expectations.

You can see the new Necromunda: Hired Gun trailer below:

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We have already got a number of trailers since the game was announced earlier this year. The last trailer provided a thorough gameplay overview, while the one before that gave us a look at the first-person shooting gameplay on offer.

Necromunda: Hired Gun releases for PS5 and PS4 on June 1, 2021.