Mass Effect Legendary Edition will not be on Xbox Game Pass, only on EA Play Pro

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will not be on Xbox Game Pass, only on EA Play Pro

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will not be on Xbox Game Pass

Thanks to the agreement between EA and Microsoft, the EA Play catalog is available for free to all those who have made an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This, however, does not mean that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, exactly as it happens with all new Electronic Arts games, will be available on Xbox Game Pass starting from the day of the launch. The eagerly awaited remake of the Mass Effect trilogy will be available from today only for those who have subscribed to the EA Play Pro subscription.

Everyone who knows this EA subscription system will know, while for those who approach in this 'world' only recently could it be a novelty. EA Play, in fact, has two subscription levels that correspond to two different catalogs. The 'standard' EA Play, which is the one incorporated into the Xbox Game Pass, contains the entire "historical" catalog of EA, such as The Sims, the old FIFA, Dead Space and all other games of this type.

The Pro version, a little more expensive, also contains all the new features, since the day of the launch. For this reason, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be available for them from today. Game Pass subscribers, however, can get a 10% discount on their membership, should they be interested in upgrading. Usually after a few months the Pro games are also included in the standard catalog (recently it happened with FIFA 21), but at the moment we don't know when exactly.

In the meantime we remind you that our Mass Effect review Legendary Edition is in the works.

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PSA: Mass Effect Legendary Edition Won't Be On Game Pass, Just EA Play Pro

If you hoped EA and Xbox’s recent partnership on Game Pass meant you might be able to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the subscription service, we have some bad news. An EA community manager has confirmed that the only subscription service it's available on is EA Play Pro.

If you’re a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you’ve instead automatically got a basic EA Play membership, which gets you a 10% discount on games in addition to access to the EA Play game library. You can of course still purchase Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the usual digital or retail storefronts.

Keep in mind that EA Play Pro is also a PC-exclusive membership, so if you’ve only got consoles around the house, you’re similarly out of luck. EA Play Pro is available for $15 a month, which gets you access to all the latest EA PC games at launch.

Still, it’s possible that Mass Effect Legendary Edition may come to Game Pass in the future. FIFA 21 similarly debuted on EA Play Pro, but landed on Game Pass a mere six months later. That’ll depend entirely on EA’s plans for the remastered trilogy, though.

“[Mass Effect Legendary Edition coming to Game Pass is] certainly a possibility, though I'm not aware of any current plans or a timeframe for anything beyond EA Play Pro access at this point,” EA said.

Still on the fence about whether or not to pick up the Mass Effect remaster? You might have to stay there a little while longer for IGN’s review. EA provided review codes on Monday, so reviews editor Dan Stapleton is still cracking through the massive RPG franchise, just not at the expense of his *checks notes* family? You can check out his very, very early off-the-cuff impressions in the link above.

In the meantime, check out the 10 biggest changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, or what comes in each pre-order edition.Joseph Knoop is a writer/producer for IGN.