Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - Graphics comparison with the original in the video

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - Graphics comparison with the original in the video

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been released and with it the trilogy should have been pimped up properly. But how exactly has the graphics improved now? We have a graphic comparison in video format for you.

The remaster already looked very promising on screenshots and in the promotional material. But is the atmosphere of the original preserved? How about the level structure? In our video we compare the same scenes in the original with the Legendary Edition. So you can see exactly what has changed in terms of textures, models, animations and effects.

As the video shows, the Legendary Edition has remained very faithful to the original. Nevertheless, a lot has changed graphically. The scenes of the original title have been recreated as exactly as possible, even the various details, such as lettering on the walls, have remained the same. One of the most prominent changes is the lighting effects in dialogues. The faces of the various figures are not constantly surrounded by shadows, which is why they are a lot easier to recognize.

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Do you want to know exactly how the Mass Effect- Legendary-Edition optically differs from the original, then take a look at our comparison video.

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