Is Donkey Kong about to return? The Super Mario Odyssey team would be working on it

Is Donkey Kong about to return? The Super Mario Odyssey team would be working on it

Of all the greatest videogame icons born from mom Nintendo, Donkey Kong is one of the characters who has been missing a new iteration for some time, too long I dare say [ed]. After Tropical Freeze released on the ill-fated WiiU console, the gorilla stopped looking for his beloved bananas, or so it would seem. A rumor has recently emerged that rekindles the hopes of fans, who could re-embrace the beloved character on the Nintendo Switch.

According to these recent rumors that have emerged online, it is rumored that Nintendo is willing to revive the Donkey Kong series, no longer entrusted to external teams but with internal development at the Nintendo EPD team; studio that worked on Super Mario Odyssey. It would be a real coup if that were the case, given the extreme quality, variety and general cleanliness that the guys from the internal Nintendo team have proposed in one of the most beautiful Super Mario games ever.

Even the youtuber 'LonelyGoomba' mentioned this rumor and along with it a whole series of content creators and insiders. The Nintendo Life editorial staff said they heard the rumor from a source that is defined as very trusted. The only thing that doesn't come back to Nintendo Life is the shape of this project which will present itself as a platform in two dimensions, and not in 3D as some other rumors are claiming.

I heard an unlikely rumor that the Mario Odyssey team are working on a 3D Donkey Kong game.

I think I would actually prefer that to another 3D Mario.

- LonelyGoomba (@LonelyGoomba) May 12, 2021

In short, as usual when these rumors appear out of nowhere we always ask you to take all this information with due attention. Despite this, it would be really nice to be able to witness the return of Donkey Kong on Nintendo Switch with a new game entirely dedicated to one of the most important icons not only for Nintendo, but also in the entire videogame history.

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