Half-Life Alyx becomes a fan-made animated film

Half-Life Alyx becomes a fan-made animated film

Half-Life Alyx marked the return of a great gaming brand that seemed to have disappeared from the radar. Fans have been waiting for this return without hoping too much, given Valve's long absence from game production, but now that the FPS saga has restarted there is great enthusiasm throughout the community. Although Alyx is an exclusive title for VR viewers for PC, an enthusiast wanted to create a real fan-made movie to allow anyone who does not have a PC capable enough to play with it to enjoy the story of this new game. VR.

The author who is carrying out this interesting project is the user 'Half Peeps', who is creating a real animated film about Half-Life Alyx. The project is coming to life thanks to the Source 2 Filmmaker software that allows you to create real video productions with a whole series of Valve tools and models, but not only. This fan-made film will retrace the entire storyline of the most recent game in the series, and will include the full cast of characters that are featured in the title released a year ago on PC.

While the film is still being finalized, the creator of this fan-made work wanted to give us more than a few glimpses of what we will see in a short time. In addition to having released a fantastic trailer, which still shows some scenes that still need to be retouched properly, the boy has posted on his Twitter account a series of information and screenshots taken directly from this film.

glimpses in the trailer, this fan-made seems to be something very interesting even for those who already know the history of Half-Life Alyx. To enjoy the final result we will have to wait until next July, although for now we do not know a more specific release date.

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