God of War: That's what Sony says about the film and series rumors

God of War: That's what Sony says about the film and series rumors

God of War

Numerous fans all over the world are currently waiting for the latest episode of the action game series God of War. According to current information, it will be called God of War: Ragnarök and will appear later this year - probably exclusively for the PS5. But in addition to the secure future on the PlayStation consoles, fans have been asking for many years whether and when the hero Kratos will get his own film. Corresponding rumors have been around for some time, only the official announcement is pending. You shouldn't have too many hopes in this regard, however, because Sony recently spoke out on the subject.

An unspecified Sony company spokesman spoke up in an interview with the New York Times and was there stepped on the euphoria brakes. According to him, there are currently no plans for a movie by God of War or a corresponding series. Although he did not categorically rule out such projects, Kratos is unlikely to make a detour to other media fields in the near future.

Media offensive by Sony

The statement is absolutely correct somewhat surprising. Because God of War is certainly one of the largest and most successful brands in PlayStation history. In addition, Sony launched a major media offensive some time ago and is bringing several well-known game franchises to cinemas. That starts with the filming of Uncharted and extends to the recently announced series adaptations of Twisted Metal and the cinema project around Ghost of Tsushima.

How do you feel about the topic? Would you like to see a God of War movie? Who could you imagine for the main role of Kratos? Put it in the comments!

Source: New York Times

China’s new stealth bomber: first image of ‘god of war in the sky’

The first images have emerged of a Chinese stealth bomber that could evade radar detection to strike long-distance targets in the Pacific, including US territories.

The capabilities of the Xian H-20 bomber, which has been under development for years, have been the subject of growing speculation but the project has not been officially confirmed by Beijing.

However, Modern Weaponry, a monthly magazine run by China North Industries Group, a state-owned defence corporation, has published computer-generated images of the plane on the cover of its June edition.

The images show a weapon bay, two adjustable tail wings, an airborne radar, and stealth air intakes and stealth engine nozzles on both sides. The plane is covered in a dark, grey, radar-absorbent material.

The magazine called