GeIL updates its Polaris RGB line up with new DDR5 memories

GeIL updates its Polaris RGB line up with new DDR5 memories

The well-known manufacturer GeIL has unveiled its new next generation Polaris RGB DDR5 memory kits which will be available during the fourth quarter of this year. The Polaris RGB modules are equipped with an aluminum heat spreader that integrates flashy RGB lighting. GeIL stated that the memories will also be marketed in an LED-free edition, although it has not been specified whether the design will remain the same. The company ensures the use of high-quality ICs that are tested extensively with the patented DYNA 5 SLT tester.

As expected, GeIL's DDR5 memories leverage the latest DDR5 PMIC (Power Management IC ) to allow precise voltage adjustment and any user modifications. The company expects PMIC to help increase the product's performance, stability and overclocking potential.

Data Rate Primary Timings Voltage (V) DDR5-7200 36-44-44? DDR5-6800 36-44-44? DDR5-6400 32-36-36? DDR5-6000 32-36-36? DDR5-4800 40-40-40 1.1 GeIL will sell Polaris RGB as single 16GB modules or as a four-channel memory kit with capacities up to 128GB (4 × 32GB). The entry-level kit starts from the frequency of 4,800MHz with timings equal to 40-40-40 and a DRAM voltage of 1.1V. However, even faster models are already planned. The flagship kit offers a frequency of 7,200MHz with timings of 36-44-44. However, GeIL did not indicate the voltage needed to reach such a speed.

GeIL's DDR5 memory kits will be ready to accompany upcoming Intel and AMD platforms, such as the 12th generation Alder Lake processors which are expected to debut later this year or early 2022 at the latest. Hybrid desktop CPUs will likely be the first in the consumer arena to take advantage of the DDR5 standard. At the moment, GeIL has not published the prices of the Polaris RGB memories, but we expect that they will certainly not be cheap. If you are looking for new RAM for your configuration, we advise you to take a look at our article dedicated to the best gaming RAMs on the market.

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