Fortnite: $ 9 billion in sales in two years

Fortnite: $ 9 billion in sales in two years


After months of preliminary negotiations, the process of the two mega-companies Epic Games and Apple started yesterday, May 3rd. However, the first few minutes were initially characterized by bizarre scenes and chaos. Fortnite fans and YouTubers tried to disrupt the negotiation, which was held via video conference, and to advertise on their own behalf. Only after half an hour did the court regain control of the situation. After things settled down, both companies released interesting documents that shed light on profits and losses over the past few years. A financial report published by Epic in January 2020 showed, among other things, that Fortnite proved to be a real cash cow for the company in 2018 and 2019. After $ 5.4 billion in sales in 2018, another 3.7 billion were added in the following twelve months.

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Fortnite offline: The servers of the Battle Royale shooter go down today for maintenance work - the update 16.30 is pending. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371430,1371456,1371017,1370982'; Compared to $ 9.1 billion in revenue for Epic Games, the $ 7.5 billion purchase of Bethesda was a real bargain for Microsoft. Even within Epic, nothing came close to Fortnite during this period (buy now 37.95 €). The Unreal engine, for example, brought the company "only" 221 million US dollars, the Epic Games Store 235 million US dollars. How much the company really earns from the battle royale shooter was not clear from the financial reports. In addition to the massive sales, there are of course high expenditures through investments. From documents handed over to the court during the preliminary hearings, Apple estimated that Epic will lose $ 330 million with the Epic Games Store due to exclusive and free titles by the end of 2021.

After the first day of the trial already had a lot to offer, the situation around the court hearing remains exciting. Epic wants to set an example and run its own app store on the iPhone without paying any taxes to Apple for income from the sale of digital items. A court order could also have greater consequences for other stores.

Source: Kotaku

The ‘Fortnite’ Crossovers That Never Were, According To Leaks

Arianna Grande


Epic is leaking tons of information both on purpose and by accident as its court case against Apple continues, but one thing that should interest Fortnite fans in particular is a growing list of collaborations that Epic either scrapped, or could still do in the future.

These all came out through the usual leak sources, in this case I turned to HypeX, and it’s an interesting examination of what could have happened, and what may still happen if things are able to be salvaged.

Arianna Grande and Lady Gaga – That’s just a fan concept above from D3NNI (who has gone on to make actual skins for Epic), but this actually did almost happen as part of two grand concert events that Epic had planned with the two superstars, that may have been canned because of COVID last year.

J Balvin – Was another music act that was supposed to happen last year for Party Royale.

Lebron James – There was going to be a crossover with Lebron James that never materialized, but it’s possibly they still may go forward with this with a leaked Zion vs. Lebron event that may be happening in the near future, possibly rescheduled from last year.

The Rock – While this hasn’t happened yet, it’s close to common knowledge that The Rock has secretly voiced The Foundation, a character from the intro to this current season, and it seems likely he will be “revealed” by the end here for an actual event starring the actor.

Samus Aran – There are reports that Epic was pursuing getting Samus Aran to join PlayStation “hunters” Kratos and Master Chief last season, but they were never actually able to work out a deal with Nintendo in time. Doesn’t rule her out for the future, however.

Samus Aran


Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games isn’t exactly the most relevant these days with those films finished, but it’s possible Katniss was also considered as a hunter last season, according to leaks.

So in short, if you see any of these actually materialize in the future, I wouldn’t be too surprised, as just because a deal didn’t happen last year when COVID was complicating everything, that doesn’t mean it won’t come to pass in the future. Epic is not going to stop collecting superstars and IPs for its Metaverse, so rule nothing and no one out.

I really want to see a live Lady Gaga Fortnite show, for one, and I would obviously buy a Samus Aran skin day one. Going to hunt down any more leaks I may have missed here, but this is quite the list as is.

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