Ford's electric pickup can power the house for 3 days

Ford's electric pickup can power the house for 3 days

In America last February, several thousand citizens were left without electricity due to a severe polar storm that created several blackouts across the state. What caused a particular sensation, in addition to the blackout itself, was the discovery that some homes equipped with Tesla's Powerwall remained with the current without therefore suffering any repercussions.

Tesla Powerwall (combined with solar panels) has made it possible to keep the current active in numerous apartments for over 30 hours. Perhaps, in the wake of what happened in Texas, Ford advertises the more than 10 power sockets integrated in the new F-150 Lighting.

For the uninitiated, this is Ford's super electric pickup presented on the day of yesterday and immediately became famous for its rich standard equipment. An external power system makes its début on the innovative vehicle that reaches peaks never seen before; by purchasing the Ford Charge Station Pro at 80 Ampere, the vehicle can supply current up to 9.6 kW. With this clever accessory, if the power fails to your apartment, you could have a backup battery capable of providing, on average, electricity for three days. With reduced consumption and in combination with the Extended Range, it could even exceed a week.

The richer set-up features up to 11 sockets located respectively: two in the 120 V cabin, four in the 120 V in the frunk, four in the 120 V and one in the 240 V box. In this regard, the manufacturer has also published a very useful infographic dedicated to those who will purchase the vehicle and use all the on-board sockets. According to Ford, with the necessary accessories, the F-150 Lighting could be used as a real backup system to be used at the most opportune moments. With a battery of more than 100 kWh there should be no problems in powering different tools and devices for several hours.

Pro Power Onboard infographic