Elon Musk as Wario and Grimes is Peach in the new episode of Saturday Night Live

Elon Musk as Wario and Grimes is Peach in the new episode of Saturday Night Live

Wario, Luigi, Peach and even Waluigi were the protagonists of a bizarre sketch of the Satuday Night Live last night, complete with the special participation of Elon Musk in the role of the famous antagonist of Mario and Grimes, his wife, in the role of Peach. br>
The skit is basically a parody of an alleged murder trial, in which Wario / Musk is accused of throwing a banana peel causing Mario to crash in a kart. The scene is told with dramatic tension by a Luigi shocked by the loss of his brother and intending to make Wario pay for it in the courtroom.

The scene is a bit cringe, but not There is no denying that it is quite impressive to see Musk in Wario's costume, complete with a walk and talk in character style, a situation in which we would not have expected to see the South African / Canadian / US billionaire.

The scene then continues making fun of the classic strategies of attack, defense and counterattack of the lawyers, also bringing up an alleged liaison between Peach and Luigi to discredit the witness. In the general bewilderment, Wario's defense attorney shows everyone what appears to be a photo sent by Mario's brother showing his most hidden "talents" to the Princess.

The skit is a bit forced but undoubtedly enjoyable, we just wonder where Nintendo's ninja lawyers will be now, even if we imagine that a famous show like the SNL is somewhat sheltered from the famous legal blitzes of the Kyoto house.

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