E3 2021 leak: Square Enix is ​​the company involved, for a well-known insider

E3 2021 leak: Square Enix is ​​the company involved, for a well-known insider

E3 2021 leak

In the last few hours there has been talk of a big leak, something sensational, in practice an entire E3 2021 conference discovered in advance. For the moment no one has yet shared this video, but according to some sources known in the videogame field, not much is missing. The question, until a few hours ago, was: which company missed the video? Now we have the answer from a well-known leaker: Square Enix.

The information comes from Shpeshal_Nick, who bluntly states that "The leaking ship is Square". The Japanese company would therefore be the company that accidentally circulated the E3 2021 video which, very credibly, would already have been pre-recorded.

It would be a sensational fact, of course. Regularly there are leaks related to what is about to be shown (such as the alleged Final Fantasy Souls-like by Team Ninja), but in this case we would be talking about a complete video, with gameplay footage and more. In other words, the world would see the entire conference ahead of time: obviously always assuming that whoever owns the video really decides to publish it (with all the consequent legal risks). The question now is: how could Square Enix answer?

For now, in any case, it is only rumor: as far as we talk about known and certain sources, we can only wait. For once, we believe everyone should hope this leak doesn't actually get released. Pending confirmation or denial, we remind you of the details on E3 2021: dates, conferences, publishers, where to watch it and how to participate.

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