Diablo Immortal: Supposedly better endgame than in Diablo 3

Diablo Immortal: Supposedly better endgame than in Diablo 3

Diablo Immortal

For many games, the so-called endgame is very important - i.e. the segment after the end of the actual campaign or when the maximum character level has been reached. Especially in the genre of action RPGs, fans attach great importance to the endgame. The community is currently excited to see what the mobile game Diablo Immortal will have to offer in this regard. Quite a lot - at least according to statements from Blizzard Entertainment

Senior Combat Designer Julian Love spoke on this subject during an interview with Pocket Tactics magazine. He promised a rich endgame for Diablo Immortal and drew a comparison to Diablo 3.

"We really want to offer players many different opportunities to develop their characters. We have things like the Elder Rifts which is a significant improvement over the Greater Rifts, then there's the Helliquary, the bounties, and there's PvP, and there's the Cycle of Strife, which is an adventure that's more aimed at people who focus on PvE . (...) We have a much richer endgame (than in Diablo 3). "

So you can expect a lot of content in Diablo Immortal, which should keep you busy when you have brought your character to the maximum level. Unfortunately, Julian Love was unable to elicit specific details about the release date of the mobile game. So the vague assumption remains that it will appear later this year.

Source: Pocket Tactics