Death Stranding 2, Refn will be in the cast?

Death Stranding 2, Refn will be in the cast?

Death Stranding 2

One of the greatest strengths of Death Stranding was undoubtedly the presence of a massive narrative sector, supported by the presence of important actors in the role of the main characters. Just think of Norman Reedus in the title role of Sam Porter Bridges, or Troy Baker and Mads Mikkelsen as antagonists of the work to remember the incredible design of the characters. Death Stranding, with its narrative and unique gameplay, has managed to enter the hearts of many players, who are still wondering if a sequel will ever arrive.

After the predicament of Days Gone, whose successor may never see the light for the alleged maniacal will, on the part of Sony PlayStation, to publish only great blockbusters, some believe that we may never even have a possible Death Stranding 2. However, in the last hours Hideo Kojima has published on his social profiles a photo in which he was in a call with one of the actors present in the title: we are talking about Nicolas Winding Refn, who played the role of Heartman in the opera of 2019.

The video call, which lasted two and a half hours , was "energizing" for Hideo Kojima, but without specifying the reasons. Many believe that the two talked to discuss about a hypothetical Death Stranding 2, given that the figure of Refn was decisive for the creative direction of the first chapter. Others, however, are hoping for a possible DLC of the title, although it is very unlikely due to the time passed since the release. In fact, it is currently very difficult to imagine what could have been the reasons why Hideo Kojima and Nicolas Winding Refn called themselves.

All we need is LOVE ❤️

- Nicolas Winding Refn (@NicolasWR) May 14, 2021

We can't even rule out that the meeting took place to chat, but Kojima has often shown in the past that he reveals details about his upcoming works by posting on social networks. What do you think about it? Do you think this post could herald the arrival of Death Stranding 2 or that this possibility is still too remote? Let us know with a comment and stay tuned to not miss any news!

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Death Stranding Gets An Official Big And Blue PC Case

Online retailer Tsukumo, Fractal Design, and Kojima Productions have joined forces to produce an official Death Stranding PC case. Much like the game's broader philosophical themes, chances are that you simply won't get it as this case is exclusive to the Japanese retailer and priced at $248 with shipping included.

If you are prepared to shell out, the trailer below will show you what you can expect. This happens to be a PC case that is designed to evoke the look and feel of the cargo that Death Stranding's protagonist Sam Porter Bridges carried around hostile terrain, complete with a blue, red, and yellow color scheme.

On a technical level, the case can house up to a regular ATX motherboard, has two dedicated mounts for 3.5' and 2.5' hard drives, and its front interface has space for four USB ports.

Death Stranding PC caseDeath Stranding PC case


Death Stranding arrived on PC back in July last year, where it did some solid business. Publisher 505 Games' parent organization Digital Bros shared the game's revenue figures earlier this month, and reported that for the year ending December 31, 2020, Death Stranding managed to earn more than $27 million. That impressive sum put it ahead of other major AAA games like Control and Ghostrunner for the year.

If the PC case above isn't to your tastes, perhaps the one being given away by Xbox France to promote the latest world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be more to your liking. Featuring some beefy specs, what makes this case stand out is that it'll resemble a jet turbine, complete with a massive fan and a polished metal frame.

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