Call of Duty Warzone: Pow3r accused of cheating, he responds with style

Call of Duty Warzone: Pow3r accused of cheating, he responds with style

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone, Activision’s work, continues to grind record after record with hundreds of millions of active users. The accessibility of the game combined with the free to play component has led the title to be probably the phenomenon of last year, sometimes managing to defeat Fortnite, the "King" of all battle royale. With the arrival of Season 3 many people have approached the game and, to become familiar with it, they have begun to follow the large group of streamers, perhaps taking some notes on their builds and the weapons they use.

In Italy, the Call of Duty series has always been appreciated with a truly impressive community in terms of numbers, unfortunately this sometimes turns out to be really toxic with a huge amount of cheaters that in recent weeks are ruining Pow3r's starts and just as many big ones Italian streamers or even accusing the latter of using tricks to win their games

Just yesterday Giorgio Calandrelli aka Pow3r, during one of his live shows, was once again accused of using cheats in his Call of Duty Warzone games. Obviously, the streamer didn't see us anymore and decided to record a game by framing his screen and subsequently winning it with 19 kills. The boy thus expressed all his frustration about it by launching the hashtag FIXWARZONEita, also asking the developers to resolve this situation as soon as possible. We have told you several times of Activision's desire to eliminate incorrect players and who use sinister tricks but it seems that everything is not going well, so much so that in the last video published by the same Italian streamer, the same cheaters are in total fought against him, even going so far as to blackmail him and even groped to force him to leave single player games, a truly incredible and crazy situation.

The hashtag is trending in Italy within a few hours with users and as many streamers who have shown their support. Neither Raven Software nor Activision have stated anything at the moment, we will let you know in case there are any updates. However, the situation seems to take a very unusual turn, ruining the experience not only for Pow3r but also for all the other honest players and risking compromising the entire battle royale. We obviously wish the best to the Italian streamer, hoping that in the future he will be able to play single player games in total tranquility.

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