Biomutant, day one broken: THQ Nordic asks users not to spoilers

Biomutant, day one broken: THQ Nordic asks users not to spoilers

Biomutant, day one broken

The day one of Biomutant was broken in some parts of the world and THQ Nordic found itself in the situation of having to ask users not to spoilers in case they already have a copy of the game.

It seems that Biomutant is already available in stores in PS4 and Xbox One versions, several days in advance of the official release date, set for May 25, and this inevitably creates risks for those who want to enjoy the experience without unwanted anticipations.

After responding to the criticism of Biomutant's 1080p on PS5, the Austrian publisher's social media managers have again had to take matters into their own hands to defend their title.

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"We are seeing several new streams dedicated to Biomutant, so let's make a quick reminder", wrote THQ Nordic in one of his latest posts on Twitter.

"We are happy that you have been able to purchase the play early, but please don't spoilers and wait until launch day to broadcast your sessions. "

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Biomutant: 7 Incredible Features That Will Blow You Away

It's finally here. After an initial announcement in 2017, Biomutant is dropping on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 25th.

To say this has been something of a long wait is like saying that Everest is a bit of a hill, quite the understatement, however this tale of the indie game that could is finally pulling into the station to rapturous cheers.

However, what if you've not boarded the hype train just quite yet, or have been living under a rock with your grasshopper automaton and have no idea what Biomutant even is?

Well, fret not because we've been lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes at some of the action that fans can expect come launch day and are going to share the best, biggest and most explosive features that are coursing through Biomutants radioactive and glowing veins.

Despite positing you as a small mammalian creature, this game is much more mighty than minuscule when it comes to content and things to see and do, so let's centre our Ki energy, do some Wung-Fu stretches and see what flex this game is bringing to the battle.

One of the much-touted features of Biomutant - especially in the lead-up to release which has seen multiple trailers focusing on the subject - is combat.

You might be a wee mouse... er... thing? But that's not to say you're a pushover. In fact, thanks to your direct connection to a mystical martial art known as Wung-Fu, you'll be taking down monsters ten times your size with ease!

In fact, so skilled are you with every known weapon in the world, you have an insane amount of choice when it comes to kicking the crap out of your opponents. Plus the game fully lets you lean into one of its three main avenues of Gunslinger, Melee Brawler, or Spellslinger, or even cherry-pick from all three to make a custom array of battle powers.

Where most games lock you into one 'career path' Biomutant gives you free rein to sample the delights of a myriad of different skills, and when you're sliding under an opponents legs, only to spin around and become a whirlwind of sharp metal before entering the Wung-Fu state and unleashing a barrage of fist attacks.

It's hard not to be utterly blown away at the fluidity of combat and just how much you've shaped the course of the action.