Berserk: what is the future of the manga?

Berserk: what is the future of the manga?


The world of animation and manga is still mourning the passing of Kentaro Miura, who died earlier this year and the continuation of the Berserk series is uncertain. A tweet posted by Miura's assistant, Hideki Sugimoto, however, leads us to believe that the work could continue.

The message reads "Yes, I'll do my best" and lets us think that Studio Gaga, the company that Kentaro Miura created to produce Berserk over the years, can take over his work and continue its story in the future.

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Bersek: between manga and anime

Kentaro Miura starts writing and drawing Bersek in 1989. The manga comes serialized in Japan by Hakusensha in the Young Animal series while in Italy it is published by Planet Manga in various editions: the first dates back to August 1996 and subsequently several reprints were published that bear the name of Berserk Collection, Maximum Berserk and Berserk Collection Series Black.

The success of the manga led to the creation, in 1997, of a first anime television series, entitled Berserk consists of 25 episodes of 25 minutes. The Italian edition of the anime was edited by Yamato Video, who entrusted the dubbing to Merak Film. The series was broadcast by Mediaset on Italia 1 between December 2001 and April 2002 and was subsequently collected in 13 videocassettes and then in five DVDs by Yamato Video.

The franchise also includes a film trilogy, Berserk - The Golden Age - Chapter I: The Egg of the Ruler King, Berserk - The Golden Age - Chapter II: The Conquest of Doldrey and Berserk - The Golden Age - Chapter III: The Advent distributed by Warner Bros. The films have been published in Italian and collected on DVD and Blu-ray by Yamato Video.

Following the release of the films, a second anime series has been announced, split into two seasons and both available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the lands of Midland, an immensely strong boy leads a life without of desires and dreams, fighting one battle after another without siding with anyone or believing in anything. His name is Guts, and he is a mercenary ...

On that same ground a man of immense ambitions moves his steps, the person who has gathered a valiant group of soldiers to himself, the team of hawks .

His name is Griffith and, thanks to these two fundamental elements, he will make way for his glory ...

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Kentaro Miura, The Creator Of ‘Berserk’, Has Died At The Age Of 54

'Berserk' started back in 1989 and has garnered a huge worldwide following in the years since.

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In very sad news, Kentaro Miura, the creator behind Berserk, has died at the age of 54.

Specifically, Kentaro Miura died on May 6 at 2:48 p.m. due to acute aortic dissection. His family held a private service.

Miura was not only a brilliant artist but an excellent storyteller as well. Berserk started back in 1989 and has amassed 40 volumes of manga in the years since.

Berserk is a dark and brooding tale of how an immense swordsman called Guts deals with the betrayal of his friend Griffith. Not to mention the legions of supernatural foes that Guts has to fight.

For the few of you that don’t know of Berserk, you will be familiar with the various games it inspired. From Monster Hunter to the Souls series and even the Buster Sword that Cloud Strife uses in Final Fantasy VII, Miura’s influence can be felt in all of those games.

So much so that players of Final Fantasy XIV commemorated Miura’s cultural contribution by recently hosting a dark knight memorial in the game.

The other thing here is that Miura was not old, 54 is far too young to lose someone. So my thoughts are with his friends and family during this trying time.

With the passing of Miura, the world of manga feels lessened and while Berserk will remain unfinished, his work will always be with us.

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