Apex Legends has an overpriced Skin, Respawn defends microtransactions

Apex Legends has an overpriced Skin, Respawn defends microtransactions

Apex Legends has an overpriced Skin

Sex happens to hear the opinion of gamers and the same companies on microtransactions. Over time, this system of in-game purchases with real currency has increasingly adapted to the various experiences that the titles that use it. However, microtransactions are not always frowned upon by enthusiasts, especially when the prices for the various contents are particularly excessive in the eyes of the players, and this is what happened recently in Apex Legends.

During a recent question and answer session on Reddit, a player wanted to point out that for some Apex Legends players having to pay 1,800 Apex coins (which is equivalent to 18 Dollars) for legendary Skins is too much. Respawn Entertainment's Ryan Rigney spoke directly to this statement, stating that the cost of those particular skins is balanced against the effort the team has to make to create and bring them into the game.

Rigney said that the creation in-game content to be phased in is more expensive than fans may realize. Furthermore, he went on to say that pricing decisions are motivated by the desire to maintain a healthy business that allows free-to-play gaming to remain active for a long time to come. “As much as people think we can produce Skins easily because the competition is producing content at a high rate, our team is much smaller and they spend more time working on cosmetics,” continued Rigney.

It is not the first time that players have made their voices heard against microtransactions, but it must be taken into account that Apex Legends remains a big free-to-play title constantly full of quality content.

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