Valheim embraces virtual reality

Valheim embraces virtual reality

The Valheim community is continually working on proposing new mods and additions for the title. Since the month of its release (January), the "Viking Minecraft" has been able to polarize attention very well and various changes made by users have sprung up like mushrooms. Among scenarios recreated on an almost 1: 1 scale such as those inspired by World of Warcraft, now it's up to virtual reality, which allows you to enjoy a decidedly different gameplay experience.

Nothing official of course: the VR in Valheim can only be used thanks to a mod, published on the Nexus hub. At the moment this is a beta version, made by modder Brandon Mousseau. Called VHRV, it was created with the intention of being able to play the Iron Gate title with a new perspective but still using a mouse and keyboard or a pad. The full motion controller support is however expected in the course of the next updates and this is the final goal of this mod.

As for the compatibility with the viewers, Brandon Mousseau has declared that he has tested the mod for the virtual reality of Valheim only with Valve Index. Technically, compatibility is also guaranteed with other headsets, such as Oculus: the only requirement is support for OpenVR or Steam VR. However, being a creation still in beta, it is reasonable to expect further updates, not only from the modder but also from the community itself that is trying the mod, also through simple reports. Finally, you can see it in action thanks to the gameplay video available immediately below.

Anyone interested in trying the new Valheim mod must go to Nexus and download all the necessary files. But be careful: since the mod manager of the Iron Gate title is not yet supported, it is advisable to read the guide carefully in order to correctly install the additional content.

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