Overwatch: Archive event starts and brings brand new loot

Overwatch: Archive event starts and brings brand new loot


Good news for all fans of the hero shooter Overwatch, because a well-known event has returned and brings fresh content with it. Some players should already be familiar with the archive event, because this year it is already starting its fourth round.

It will take place from April 6 to 27, 2021.

As before, the three missions uprising, retaliation and storm signals are available. In it we experience various key moments from the history of our favorite Overwatch heroes and fight computer-controlled opponents together with other players. To mix it up a bit, there are the Challenge versions, in which the difficulty level of each mission increases through special game modes. New additions this time are the "Bulletproof Barriers" mode (enemy barriers are invulnerable) for the Uprising mission, the "Compassion Bonus" mode for retaliation (damage inflicted on opponents heals other opponents) and the "Thunderstorm" mode for storm signs (opponents add to all players near damage to).

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Don't forget: We have the next installment in the series, Overwatch (buy now € 57.99) 2, in the distant future. Information from BlizzCon can be found here.

Overwatch’ Archives 2021 Event: Here Are All Eight New Skins

Soldier: 76's Overwatch Archives 2021 skin could cause a revolution

Blizzard Entertainment

New event, new skins. Eight of them to be exact. There are five fresh legendary skins in the Overwatch Archives 2021 event and three you can earn through weekly skin challenges. You’ll find more details on how to do that in another post (here).

MORE FROM FORBES'Overwatch' Archives 2021 Event Is Live With A New System For Skin ChallengesBy Kris Holt

Although the skins and other cosmetics from previous years are available once again in loot boxes and by buying them with credits in the Hero Gallery, it’s the new ones that we’re here to gawk at. Here are all eight Overwatch Archives 2021 skins.

Legendary Skins

If you’re not lucky enough to receive one of these Legendary skins in an Archives loot box (remember to snag nine wins in the Arcade to get a few extra boxes), you can buy them for 3,000 credits each. There’s a historical theme to this batch of skins.

Mousquetaire Widowmaker

Is this Widowmaker or one of the musketeers in Overwatch Archives 2021?

Blizzard Entertainment

Widowmaker gets an elegant musketeer outfit this time around. It’s the second event in a row that Widow’s gotten a new skin after the Pale Serpent one from Lunar New Year.

Bushi Genji

Genji is armoring up for Overwatch Archives 2021

Blizzard Entertainment

A very fitting warrior skin for Genji, replete with traditional Japanese armor. While it adds a little bulk to his figure, he should still nimbly slice and dice his way through enemies when he busts out the Dragonblade.

Soldier: 1776 Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 looks ready for a fight in his Overwatch Archives 2021 skin

Blizzard Entertainment

A member of Overwatch’s old guard might have even more history to him than first thought. The latest skin for Soldier: 76 take him back to the time of the Revolutionary War. His visor looks slightly out of place here — given that he’s had other visor-less skins, it wouldn’t have been odd to leave it out. I dig the anachronism, though.

Cavalry Tracer

Tracer is perhaps on the other side of the revolutionary fight from Soldier:76 with her Overwatch ... [+] Archives 2021 skin

Blizzard Entertainment

It appears the cavalry is, indeed, here. Cheers, love!

Polyanitsa Zarya

Zarya's also one of the heroes who's getting an Overwatch Archives 2021 skin

Blizzard Entertainment

Zarya and looking like a badass, name a more iconic duo. (It is not possible.)

Weekly Challenge Skins

The weekly skin challenges are back but Blizzard has shaken up the rewards system, meaning that you won’t necessarily need to win nine games to unlock each look. You can find out more about the updated star-based system in my other Archives post. For now, here’s a look at the Epic skins you can pick up.

Week 1: Corredor Lúcio (April 6-13)

Earn 30 stars in week one of Overwatch Archives 2021 and this flashy Lucio skin is all yours

Blizzard Entertainment

First up is Lúcio, with a suave Corredor skin. You have until April 13 to claim enough stars to unlock this one before it’s gone for good.

Week 2: Subaquatic Zenyatta (April 13-20)

Zenyatta is getting an subaquatic skin for Overwatch Archives 2021

Blizzard Entertainment

I feel like this one could have met the bar for a Legendary skin. The details here are excellent, from the diver helmet to the ripped pants and the anchor. It’s probably my favorite skin from this entire batch.

Week 3: Camouflage Mercy (April 20-27)

Mercy goes dark with her Overwatch Archives 2021 skin.

Blizzard Entertainment

Lastly, Mercy is getting a little dark with her challenge skin. It suits her well, and it could look quite terrifying if she’s swooping in with Valkyrie to secure a kill.

Overwatch Archives 2021 is now live and it runs until April 27th.