Outriders, the patch did not fix the bug that makes the inventory disappear, fans are angry

Outriders, the patch did not fix the bug that makes the inventory disappear, fans are angry


Despite People Can Fly's prompt intervention, Outriders players are having a lot of inconveniences. Server problems before and annoying bugs now are plaguing this amazing experience. If insult is added to the damage, the Outriders situation is getting quite complex. Despite the premises, in fact, the latest Outriders patch did not fix the bug that makes the entire inventory disappear, making the players even more angry.

In a game in which the accumulation of resources and of armor is the key to the gameplay, having a bug that permanently erases everything that has been collected is not nice. The Polish developers of People Can Fly have been working hard to release a large post-launch patch. An update that was supposed to tackle the problems with the game servers, but also fix the bug affecting player inventories.

Inventory is important in Outriders and losing it all made players angry. Many, in fact, from one day to the next found themselves robbed of everything they have painstakingly accumulated in so many hours of play. Furthermore, it is not yet known if and when these players will be able to review their possessions, but what is certain is that in the meantime they will not be able to play as they want. To make matters worse there is a side note that says that "the recovered items may not have the same characteristics as the lost ones", something that has fueled other controversies.

People Can Fly obviously said "very sorry" about what happened and are gathering new information to understand what went wrong. While waiting to understand how the situation will evolve, we remind you that the Outriders patch also corrects cross-play.

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Here Are The Problems With ‘Outriders’ Endgame Expeditions


People Can Fly

At this point, many players have reached the endgame of Outriders, which is a series of Expeditions, enemy-filled levels with minimal narrative but big rewards at the end, provided you can run them quickly enough to meet gold, silver or bronze time thresholds.

So far as we know, this is it for the Outriders endgame for the foreseeable future, short of some sort of expansion coming later down the line, given that the game wants to avoid the “live service” tag. So as such, these modes need to be cultivated as much as they can be.

And there’s still a lot of work to do.


People Can Fly

The Timer

I was hesitant when I first reached the endgame and realized that this was entirely tied to being a time-based activity, which I am not usually a fan of for endgame stuff. With Outriders in particular, this turns the endgame into little more than a pure DPS race, and the end of match screen very clearly signifies who contributed the most and who didn’t. And if you’re on the low end of the DPS spectrum people don’t really care how much healing you provided or how many times your tank build didn’t die, you can just get straight booted out of the party. Timers are additionally annoying when you miss a tier by a few seconds, the same few seconds it took for there to be an unskippable cutscene that introduces the boss. And timers are also bad when the game frequently throws you in a three man activity with two people, or god forbid, you’re trying to do it solo.

Diablo Rifts

Like most things in Outriders, you can see the clear inspiration here is the Diablo Rift system, which does make some use of timed content, but is far more generous in its format. For solo player in particular, Outriders allows you a single death in an entire run, and if you die, you’re done, you start over. Diablo, meanwhile, would simply respawn you in place which may cost you some time, but it doesn’t straight boot you out of the activity. This is the Borderlands 3 “Takedowns” system which is absurdly punishing solo and clearly mainly meant for groups. Not that it’s impossible solo, but it’s absurd you get a self-revive in duos or trios, but you don’t even get a self-revive when playing solo.


People Can Fly


Speaking of revives, the current system which disrupts your revive of a teammate when you take damage is terrible. They need to adopt the Destiny system of reviving through damage. If the player is in a rough spot, you may die trying to revive them, but having players actually be interrupted when taking damage means you have to either solo clear everything in the room or do an elaborate lure dance taking a room full of enemies away. Trickster can use a time bubble to (sometimes) revive in the middle of combat, but the system needs some reworking.

Enemy Balancing

Well, we already got our first balance patch for a bunch of nerfs to Outriders classes, and yet unruly enemies have not gotten touched at all. Chief on my list of enemies that need “adjustment” would be:

  • Status immune, leaping Alpha Perforos that now come in packs of like eight during Expeditions.
  • Strix with their absurd movement patterns, don’t-miss poison shots and their one hit kill melee.
  • Crawlers, especially multiple Crawlers, with their overlapping ground pulse move that becomes literally impossible to avoid when they stack it.
  • Snipers that never, ever miss, and will shoot the second you’re out of cover.
  • Any enemy that shoots nearly invisible blue fire on the ground that lingers long after you think it’s disappeared.
  • Update: Matchmaking

    I was mainly focusing on what happens within the actual activity, but I’ll circle back to a point I’ve made before, that in-camp matchmaking, getting put with a party leader doing nothing but talking to vendors for ten minutes, is incredibly annoying, and this should be a playlist that puts you straight in a match.

    So, those are my thoughts for now. We’ll see what the next patch holds for any possible changes here.

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