OnlyFans, photos of hundreds of users end up on Google Drive

OnlyFans, photos of hundreds of users end up on Google Drive


Someone would say “For me OnlyFans is the new Facebook“. Indeed, we always talk more and more often about this social network a little more pushed than those we are used to using, and which lately seems to be enjoying unprecedented success, considering that in May 2020 "between 7,000 and 8,000 new content creators every day ”and“ about 200,000 new users every 24 hours ”. Good numbers, no doubt.

In the end, the functioning of the social network is very simple: models (both amateur and professional) post nude multimedia contents (or simply semi-nude photos), which can be visible to their subscribers (precisely, the fans) upon payment of a monthly fee. In addition, by paying for extras, you can also get exclusive and personalized content. OnlyFans declares that 80% of the commissions remain with the content creators, keeping only 20% of the earnings as a share.

Surely the fact that the contents of hundreds of users have been made available on Google Drive will have made happy are all the fans who cannot afford to pay for a subscription, but it certainly won't go down to the content creators and the company. The researchers of BackChannel, a cyber security company, have already made available a tool that allows users to check if their contents are also part of this leak, which still seems to have quite important dimensions: we are talking about 279 creator profiles of content, with folders that exceed 10 GB of material.

BackChannel researcher Aaron DeVera stated that:

“It is not unusual for OnlyFans subscribers to share the content of the users they follow with each other. The site doesn't check content very well, and is full of bots that anyone can use. The peculiarity of this leak, however, lies in the fact that such a large amount of users have been put together in a single folder. This makes us think that there is the work of multiple people behind it, or that the leaker has taken material from multiple sources. We do not assume that the user who posted the leak on RaidForums is the creator of the folder on Google Drive. "

The real joke for content creators, however, concerns the way in which they will have to report the violation of the copyright: the notification, in fact, must be made individually for each file. The experience could prove to be really tedious, especially in the case of those 10 GB folders mentioned above.

Former ‘Boy Meets World’ star says she makes 6 figures a month—thanks to her OnlyFans

Maitland Ward is doing well on OnlyFans.

The former Boy Meets World star announced her initial foray into the adult film industry in Oct. 2019, when she made her debut in Drive. Since then, she’s joined the popular content subscription service OnlyFans, where she’s been raking in 6 figures a month, according to a chance interview with TMZ.

Ward ran into a TMZ reporter outside a restaurant on April 4, Yahoo notes. When they inquired after her pandemic activities, Ward noted that she’s been “inside, on my webcam.”

When asked about how her journey into OnlyFans has gone, Ward called it “absolutely amazing.” She noted that the pandemic has kept people indoors, which has lended to the success of her OnlyFans page.

“I feel very fortunate because I, you know, get 6 figures a month from OnlyFans,” she said. Revealing that she is currently raking in more money than she ever has before, Ward pointed to OnlyFans, along with her previous adult film work, as her primary income sources.

“Porn is really giving me back my career,” Ward said. “I’m doing more acting than I’ve ever done, and making more money. And I’m feeling more powerful than I ever have in my life.”

Ward’s recent uptick in acting gigs is not exclusive to the adult film industry. She will be making her television return via a sitcom called The Big Time, and may even consider dipping her fingers into producing at some point in the future.

On Boy Meets World, Ward played Rachel, a character added to the cast in season 6. You may remember her as the roommate of Shawn’s brother Eric.

Speaking with the New York Post, Ward said she is looking forward to a bright future in mainstream media as well as the adult industry.

“I want to slay both industries,” Ward said. “I love and embrace both. Me being bold and free in my sexuality and so out there with it has really given me that power. When I was like this innocent flower, I was letting everyone else dictate what I should do or what I should be.”

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*First Published: Apr 6, 2021, 8:57 am

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