Nintendo | Has the end come for Labo?

Nintendo | Has the end come for Labo?

Launched in 2018, Nintendo Labo now seems to be on the avenue of sunset. As reported by many players, in fact, the official US site of the Kyoto house has eliminated all references from the site, with the pages related to the product that are unreachable. A signal that could be misunderstood, if obviously the insider Emily Rogers, who has always been linked to the world of the big N, had not sentenced the end of what could have seemed a real success.

According to the words of Rogers, in fact, the Kyoto house would be thinking of launching another small announcement linked to Nintendo Labo, and then definitively pull the plug on the project. Unfortunately, the insider did not go into details and it is very likely that even she does not actually know the nature of the new announcement, which at this point could arrive at any time knowing the timing of the Japanese giant, which usually announces events with a notice of 24 hours like the recent Direct dedicated to independent titles.

The only indication on the type of announcement could be given by the only surviving official page of the project, that is the one linked to the Nintendo Labo virtual reality product. The kit is the only one still on the list for purchase and it is not excluded that the Kyoto house does not decide to make a small surprise, perhaps with a product dedicated to a rather famous IP like Mario and Zelda. Speculations of course, which we invite you to take with a grain of salt.

If Nintendo Labo is really on the avenue of the sunset we will find out only in the coming weeks. However, the situation of the project certainly appears very smoky and sales have not been helpful: in fact, we are talking about about one million kits sold in the first year of life, perhaps a little too small in number to guarantee adequate support for the creation of the Kyoto house.

The Nintendo Labo Robot Kit is one of the funniest ever: if you want to try it, it's available on Amazon.